PASS THE N.E.T. (Nursing Entrance Test) the First Time

Pre-nursing students going for the RN or LPN/LDN degree now have a reliable tutorial that streamlines the learning process. A proven 95% of students using the tutorials have passed the nursing entrance test on their first try.

Finally there is a tutorial that will prepare students to pass the nursing entrance test the first time. Though there are many study guides on the market, most students feel they are insufficient in adequately preparing them for this three hour exam. The Pass The N.E.T.™ tutorials stand out against the competition. This is because Professor Kimmel who holds a registered nurse license and is a professor of math and engineering has over 20 years teaching experience and cares deeply about teaching. Professor Nancy Kimmel is one of the foremost authorities on the Nursing Entrance Test and has tutored many pre-nursing students to success over the years. The tutorials are also available in a convenient PDF download, making it easy for students to access the material and begin their practicing immediately. While the competitors offer an online version, it is only available for seventy two hours. This is not nearly enough time for students to master the math and reading comprehension sections.

The Pass The N.E.T.™ tutorials become the students possession to keep indefinitely.

The reading comprehension passages are very challenging and science based to help the students develop the critical thinking skills they will need in nursing school.

The math review is very comprehensive and contains complete explanations that break down each of the problems from the stem to the final answer, thus facilitating math proficiency.

While many tutorials on the market do not go into such detail, Professor Nancy Kimmel has found that many pre-nursing students practicing to enter either the registered nursing program or licensed practical nursing program have weak math skills and are not satisfied by just seeing the answer. It is important for students to understand how the question is solved, in a step by step process and thereby raise their exam scores.

Many students come to the Pass The N.E.T.™ nursing entrance test review after they have failed the N.E.T. several times. Frustrated with their results, they seek a reliable tutorial that will closely mirror the material on the N.E.T. Once they begin to study the material offered through Pass The N.E.T., they find that their scores increase dramatically, surpassing the national average. These are remarkable results, since the passing score for the nursing entrance test is generally 65% to 73%.

Though these scores may seem low to most people, they are definitely hard to achieve. The students are given up to 90 math problems to be completed in 90 minutes. It can become quite a challenge to complete 90 math questions in less than one minute per question. Much of the student’s frustration at not passing the N.E.T. on the first or second attempt, is that they can’t understand what it is that they are doing wrong and continue to keep making the same mistakes. A student’s grade point average does necessarily play a pivotal role in determining their pass rate.

The Pass The N.E.T. ™ tutorials help student’s to see where they have gone wrong and to help them with their weak points, by breaking down exactly what the reader must understand to pass the math and reading comprehension sections. Professor Nancy Kimmel’s insight into the testing process has earned her much respect and accolades from her students, who have been able to surmount their difficulties in math and reading comprehension. Professor Nancy Kimmel offers seminars on how to Pass The N.E.T.™ in her home town of Dearborn Mi. every two weeks and continues to tutor individuals for the nursing entrance test.

Since 2005, 95% of the students that have used the Pass The N.E.T.™ tutorials have passed the nursing entrance test with scores higher than the national average. This is not only an accomplishment for the students but also for the author who is very supportive of all her students and tirelessly seeks to improve the learning process through innovative ways of instruction.

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4 Responses to “Pass The N.E.T.™ v3 Nursing Entrance Test Tutorial Helps Students Pass The First Time”

  1. By Bernadette on Apr 26, 2009

    Hi !
    Could someone advise me if I was to purchase Pass the NET, The First Time book does this consist of the math reading review ? Thank you

  2. By kimmel52 on Apr 27, 2009

    Hello Bernadette;
    The Book, Pass The N.E.T. The First Time is an all inclusive pdf book offering practice tests on Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Chemistry and English Grammar, not to mention many math and reading comprehension tests. This book was designed for students seeking to pass the HESI, TEAS and the ATT. If you are just interested in math and reading comprehension, I would suggest the Pass The NET comprehensive which not only includes a pdf book on math and reading comprehension but gives you a nice software program that downloads directly to your computer from a link. It is a program that works on windows or MAC, written in beautifully rendered Power Point that allows you to take tests and get your scores. You can keep this! My math students love it. It has been proven that when you practice a test that is similar to the actual test, your scores improve. That is why I designed the software program to mimic the NET Test. I think you will be very happy with your results. One student from Georgia, used the software after have failed the NET 4 times, and when she used the software she got a 94%. Amazing. So to sum up, the book that you want is the one for $39.99, you will get the book and the software link as well as the Easy Guide to Accredited Degrees Through Correspondence.
    Best Wishes,
    Nancy Kimmel R.N. Ph.D. CHMM

  3. By Tina on Jun 18, 2009

    Hi Dr. Kimmel:

    I recently purchased the comprehensive material because the school I am applying for only requires a passing score of 55% on the Math and Reading Comprehension sections of the NET.

    I am very worried about passing, which is why I purchased your materials. I’ve already taken the test once and I received a 49% score on the reading and a 50% on the math. I thought I was going to do just fine becuase I had already taken the compass test and scored very well on both of those sections.

    How much time should I spend studying between now and the next scheduled exam on July 23? I can’t not pass again becuase then I’ll have to wait 6 months. How much can I reasonably expect to raise my score?


  4. By kimmel52 on Jun 24, 2009

    I can understand your concern. It is very frustrating when you can only take the exam at certain times. Relax, you will pass this time. I suggest that you first begin by browsing through the material, just to get familiar with the length of the passages and so forth. Then when you have some quiet time, and have rested, then begin to read the passages and complete the questions that follow. Many students that I speak with, are so nervous, that they call me and ask why they can’t get the answers correct. The key is to understand the answers. Always ask yourself, “why is this answer correct?” When you can answer this question effectively, you will not only pass, but raise your scores dramatically. I there is anything else that I can help you with, you may also call me at 313-575-1214.
    Best Wishes,
    Nancy Kimmel R.N. PhD

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