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One of my students in my phlebotomy class told me the wonderful news. She was accepted to the ITT Registered Nursing Program. She has been trying to get into many nursing programs in the greater metro Detroit area without success, due to a two to five year wait list. She had also explained to me that when she first took the TEAS test she scored a 73%. When she came into my school to inquire about the phlebotomy program, she explained that she had already acheived a Bachelor Degree and wanted to find an expedited nursing program. What a surprise. A student had just came in a few hours earlier that day and explained that there was a expedited nursing program offered by ITT that was not even being advertised. Long story short, when my student came in to inquire about the program, she was delighted to hear about the nursing program at ITT, now all she had to do was to pass the TEAS with a higher score. Once again, we all wonder how things work out. She was delighted once more to hear about the book entitled,Pass The NET®, The First Time, by Nancy L. Kimmel RN PhD.  Both she and her friend purchased copies.  Well lo and behold, what a wonderful surprise when she came to class and announced that she scored an 84% on the TEAS.  She explained that the dean of the nursing program was shocked and  surprised that a student was able to score so high on the TEAS.   The student stated that the Dean asked her how she was able to increase her score so dramatically.  The student replied, “I just studied Dr. Kimmel’s book, entitled, “Pass The NET, ®The First Time,” and showed the book to the Dean.  Moral of the story is the the book, entitled, “Pass The NET®, The First Time, is indeed a SECRET WEAPON to Passing The NET, The First Time.


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One Response to “Student Gains Immediate Admission to Nursing School Using The Book, “Pass The NET, The First Time””

  1. By Lisa Hughes on Apr 5, 2012

    I need help as an older student in late 40’s with learning disabilities (reading comprehension and math). I am unable to pass the Kaplan and teas test at the levels necessary for application consideration to schools for RN degree. Changed careers from IT field to Nursing due to unemployment and off shore jobs in India and Asia markets took over. I have been tutored and still so frustrated and I myself worth crushed, so embarrassed that after all these years still plagued by not understanding the material. My lifelong dream was to be nurse but with those issues at a young age with all the extra help still college SAT were not achievable. Please help me? I need to have someone or determines why I am unable to understand this material and achieve. Thank you, Lisa Hughes Richmond, Virginia

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