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One of the questions that I get the most from students and customers who call in is; “Why do they make the reading comprehension section of the NET so difficult?” or, “I have purchased all of the Kaplan, Princeton, and Barrons guides, and none of them have helped me to pass the NET. Why?” These similar questions go on and on. Here is the explanation that I give to all who call me; first or all, the NET is not written like a test geared for graduate school admission, nor is the NET reading comprehension written like the SAT, ACT or any college entrance admission test. Take it from someone who has taken all these tests and more as well as the nursing entrance test. The nursing entrance test is written to help test the critical thinking skills of the reader. So what does that exactly mean? Well, for one it means that once you get into nursing school, the questions that you will see on tests will be like nothing you have ever seen. For instance, you will be looking at a question, and then reading the answers and find that there are about two answers that are both correct. So which one do you choose? Not only are there similar answers, but there are words that have very close meanings to one another, like the word inferred, or suggested. How does one go about differentiating these words. Trust me, I have spent countless hours on the phone with customers that have poured their hearts out to me, crying, tearful, anxious, and overstressed. All of these wonderful people who have called me in the middle of the night, or in the wee hours of the morning, stated just about the same thing, which is, “why can’t I pass the NET reading?” It usually takes me a while to bring their anxiety down. They are so skeptical about buying another product after they invested in the book that was being sold in their college book store and the ones at the main book stores. Usually, they come to my site as a last resort, and as such, they are in a total state of panic, dispair, frustration and hopelessness. You know, its at times like these that I am glad that I am also a psychiatric nurse. Oh, and one other thing, they usually have failed the test the first time. So they call me, and do you know that most of these people state that they are 4.0 averages. NO kidding! I couldn’t believe the stress that these poor people are put under just to get into nursing school. I will never forget the one day that I was checking my answering machine and accidently called one of my customers from a few weeks back, only to find out after I spoke to her that she passed the NET reading comprehension after buying my software with the highest score in her school. Wow, was I glad that I called her. I hope she got on the nursing school waiting list. You know, it is my hope that people find my site before they take the NET, or the HESI, or the TEAS, just so that they can give themselves a running start.
Have you thought about a career in nursing, then you must first get ready to take the N.E.T., the HESI or the TEAS entrance test. Start preparing for your career by practicing your skills using the online tutorials and tests at The Nurses Learning Center. There are more than one thousand questions and answers. You will get unlimited internet access, twenty four hours per day, seven days per week. It is yours to keep. New questions are added daily. It’s like sitting for the N.E.T., The HESI or the TEAS in your home.

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