Texas Women’s University Approves “Pass The NET” as their Official Study Guide

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The N.E.T. Study Guide, LLC is pleased to announce that TEXAS Women’s University School

of Nursing has approved the book, “Pass The NET, The First Time” to be the official study

guide for pre nursing students seeking to pass the TEAS A5.
Many Thanks to Dr. Ann Stiles and all of the Nursing Professors,
Thank you,
Nancy Kimmel RN, PhD

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Nursing Entrance Test, After you Pass

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Pass the nursing entrance test

Pass the nursing entrance test

So you are planning on taking the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST.
Good choice! Taking the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST is not the easiest test to take. While the topics utilize the students critical thinking skills, there is much more that the student must know. Perhaps you are one of those students that are planning a career in nursing which involves nursing hospital administration. You would not be alone. However, your first hurtle is to pass THE NURSING ENTRANCE TEST. The author of the N.E.T. Study Guide, Nancy Kimmel, CEO of “The NET Study Guide LLC, a MI based corporation, also has her own school in Garden City, MI. Professor Kimmel has dedicated many years to tutoring students to pass the N.E.T. and owns copyright on the materials. Upon passing the N.E.T., the student is placed on the waiting list for nursing school. Therefore, PASSING THE NET with high scores is the only option. Before the student gain get an advanced degree in any field of nursing, passing the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST comes first.
More and more, nurses are choosing advanced degrees in nursing hospital management. There is continuing growing need for the expertise of not just business management graduates, but for nurses with degrees in hospital management. Hospitals are faced with continuous rigorous rules and regulations to which they must comply. The magnet status is a coveted status for hospitals, and is very difficult to achieve. Therefore, hospitals prefer that nurses play an integral role in comprising the team of experts that oversee the every day management of hospital protocol. Nurse managers are also responsible for the personnel, resources and patient care on a nursing unit. They manage staff, including nursing assistants, RNs and LPNs, and oversee daily activities within their department to facilitate and deliver quality nursing care. Nurse managers handle staff-related functions, including hiring and firing, scheduling, mentoring and communicating organizational news to the staff. Nurse managers establish and control the department budget and support the implementation of standards of nursing practice and guidelines of care. Nurses with management experience on a hospital unit are the most likely choice to be promoted to macro-management at the administrative level of the hospital hierarchy over an individual with a degree in business management. There are many schools that are offering degrees in nursing hospital management that can be achieved completely online.
In addition to completing a online degree in nursing, the student can get a head start prior to nursing school by studying online for the N.E.T, HESI, or the TEAS-ATT, NURSING ENTRANCE TESTS. This is the best practice to begin a nursing career. Online testing is going to be a large part of the students mode of studying.

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