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Nursing Entrance Test and Nursing School

Written by kimmel52 on December 6, 2009 – 6:31 pm

  1. Being admitted to nursing school is indeed a great accomplishment. Before you can get into nursing school you must first pass the NURSING ENTRANCE EXAM OR THE N.E.T. More now, than ever, is the need to be prepared for the fast paced two years of lecture and clinical rotation that lies ahead. Keeping some simple reminders will ensure a successful journey through nursing school. The best reward is graduating as a registered nurse. Some of us nurses have brained stormed the following tips. So have fun with the A, B, C’s of nursing school and best wishes for a bright and rewarding career! The most important step in beginning your nursing career is to begin studying for the N.E.T.
    It is good to be a nurse!

    It is good to be a nurse!

    The A’s
    Always be on time to class and clinicals. (10 to 15 minutes early is the best time)
    Always have on clean scrubs and shoes. (your appearance is a reflection of who you are)
    Answer instructors politely even if you feel they are in the wrong. (They never are)
    Ask questions only when the instructor opens the floor to questions. (Don’t interrupt their lecture, you can see them after class)
    Absolutely no chatting during a lecture.
    Argue, if you want to fail.
    Allocate time for yourself. (Do something nice, just for you and you alone)
    Advise your loved ones of the importance of study time.
    Abstain from activities that drain your mind and body. (you need all the strength and rest possible)
    Acknowledge that fact that you are doing the best that you can. (Forgive yourself)

The B’s

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Believe that you can make it through nursing school.
  • Brave the hardest times. (There will be times that you will want to quit. Don’t ever, it will get better)
  • Bring chocolates on the day of a test.  (Eat a few before a test.  The brain uses 100% glucose, your score may increase.)
  • Buy your self a pair of comfortable nursing shoes. (You will be thankful that you did)
  • Book Bags are a no no, use the ones on rollers.  (Save your back)
  • Beauty is not important.  (Easy on the makeup)
  • Beware of busy bodies. (Always be professional in or out of class and clinical. Never gossip about schoolmates or instructors.  It will come back to you 10 fold. )
  • Balance your home and schoolwork.  (It is difficult to do at first, but it is a must.)
  • Belong to a study group. (One that gets A’s )

The C’s

  • Craming doesn’t get you A’s (take your time and study well in advance)
  • Care about all that you do, especially the patients
  • Caffine can be your best friend, but don’t over do it.
  • Clear your mind of all your worries prior to an exam(remember, this is your carrer, and sometimes you only get this one chance, so do your best)
  • Comfort is very important whether in school or in clinicals(always dress in loose fitting clothes, and wear comfortable supportive shoes) If your jeans are too tight, it is hard to breath and your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen.
  • Crack open the books daily. (it is the only way to keep up with the material)
  • Confine yourself to a designated study area where it is nice an quiet.  (keep one place in the house that is for you only.)
  • Contemplate what a wonderful nurse you are going to be when you graduate. (It is important to be able to visualize your future accomplishments.  Keep the dream alive.)
  • Cupid can wait until after your through with nursing school. (Beginning a new relationship isn’t the best thing for a nurse in training.  Be strong, it really isn’t that long.  You have your whole life ahead of you.)
  • Call a friend or family member when you are feeling down. (It is important early in the game to establish your support base.  You will  need them.)

All of the above criteria to be successful as a nursing school student also applies to studying for the N.E.T. You can begin today, and increase your chances of getting into nursing school fast by getting the right study materials for the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST at the Nurses Learning Center.
Remember the ABC’s of Nursing School and be a success.


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Pass The Nursing Entrance Test, and be an Acute Care Nurse

Written by kimmel52 on June 7, 2009 – 12:07 pm

Being a nurse is a wonderful career. You are a helper and a caregiver. Your first step before embarking on this wonderful career is to first pass THE NURSING ENTRANCE TEST. This is the test of all tests that decide whether or not you will get into nursing school. This means that even though you may hold a 4.0 GPA, if you don’t pass THE NURSING ENTRANCE TEST, then you won’t get into nursing school and become the acute care nurse that you want to be.
There are several steps that you must go through before you can pass THE NURSING ENTRANCE TEST. The first step is to ascertain which NURSING ENTRANCE TEST is being offered at the nursing school which you are planning to attend. The tests that are usually offered include one of the following, either the N.E.T., THE HESI, or the TEAS-ATT. It is not enough that you pass these tests, but you must pass with a sufficiently high enough score to be able to gain entrance into nursing school by being placed on the waiting list. The one thing that is so hard for students today, is to think that they will have to wait up to 5 years to gain entry into the nursing program. If it means that you have to have a high score, then begin studying today at the nurses learning center All of the information that you will need to pass the NURSING ENTRANCE TESTS is contained in this online testing site. Here the student can feel confident that when they read about becoming an acute care nurse, that their dreams have a solid foundation of coming to reality.
The author of this online software program is the author of The NET Study Guide in Michigan, is an Registered Nurse and has her own school.

Acute care nurses provide care for patients suffering from acute conditions including heart attacks, respiratory distress syndrome, or shock. These types of patients must be monitored very closely with vital signs checked every fifteen to thirty minutes. This is why nurses in critical or acute care only have two to three patients at the most. Patients in acute care are centrally located near the nurses station so that at a moments notice all staff can assist in an emergency situation. Normally there is always a physician present. The physician is able to write orders as the condition of the patient changes from moment to moment, thereby saving precious time from nurses having to call or page a doctor. Acute care nursing is not for every nurse. The job entails quick decision making, and a thorough knowledge of physiology and experienced nursing skills. There is also a very high stress level emotionally. Dealing with the grief of family members can become very draining to nurses as well as doctors. While the majority of patients are able to leave acute care and go to medical surgical floors or step down units, however, there are those that do not survive. It is the acute care nurse who is usually the first person that the family sees when they arrive. The acute care nurses are special people, and many say that they love what they do. They also care for pre- and post- operative patients, and may perform advanced, invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. They may serve as administrators, case managers, patient and staff educators, policy makers, and researchers in this field. Acute care nurses can administer in emergency rooms, operating rooms, walk in clinics, doctor’s offices, critical care units or in community based environments.

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