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Written by kimmel52 on November 27, 2009 – 1:32 am

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Now offering the My Phlebotomy Certification Study Guide


Nancy Kimmel RN, PhD, CHMM, Certified Phlebotomy Instructor, Certified Nursing Assistant Trainer,

Dr. Kimmel’s Phlebotomy Curriculum has been Approved by the National Healthcareer Institute.

 Ardent educator, Nancy Kimmel, is once again helping students across the nation prepare for certification examinations in the health care field. This time she has written a study guide for the Phlebotomy Technician Certification Exam.

With the advent of Dr. Kimmel’s  recognition from the National Healthcareer Association approving her phlebotomy course curriculum and making her school one of their testing sites, her goal in publishing the “My Phlebotomy Technician Study Guide” is to help her students and other phlebotomy students nationwide achieve top scores on any phlebotomy certification exam.

This challenging guide includes over 80 pages of tests and answer keys that will help the phlebotomy student master any certification exam.  Topics include order of draw, blood preparation, infection control and hospital procedures and protocols.

Recent phlebotomy technician graduates find that their initial difficulties on the job stem from not being thoroughly familiar with the many different labs that physicians order for their patient’s.

When the phlebotomy technician is not familiar with a test or a set of tests, they must take time to consult a chart or a fellow co-worker.  This takes away precious time from their already hectic schedule, and thus they are not able to perform the required amount of venipunctures.

This places them at odds with their less patient co-workers by increasing their work load.  Dr. Kimmel pushes her phlebotomy students to their maximum potential.  She integrates the book knowledge with real life application by providing her students with actual lab slips from various hospitals in the Metro Detroit Area and has them learn every test.

This may seem like a daunting task, but Dr. Kimmel teaches the labs according to the body system, so that the students understand the meaning and possible reasons behind each of the tests.  By grouping blood tests according to body systems, the phlebotomy student knowledge becomes like that of a hematologist.

Students studying to achieve their certification as a Phlebotomy Technician would do well to prepare using Dr. Kimmel’s study guide.  It is also a very good reference once they are working.

This guide is delivered directly to your PC in PDF format.  No waiting for the mail to arrive.  Start studying now, and get that certification that you have been waiting for.

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