HESI vs. TEAS, What’s the Difference?

Written by kimmel52 on November 27, 2009 – 10:39 am

Nursing schools throughout the country are beginning to require a formal standardized nursing entrance test.  Pre-nursing students must pass these tests if they want their names on the waiting list for nursing school.  There is quite a long waiting list.  The average time frame for nursing school admission is anywhere from 2 to 4 years.  These figures represent the average of community college wait lists.  Colleges request that the pre nursing students take an entrance exam so that their names can be placed on the wait list.  Some schools require the exam entitled the HESI, while others require the exam called the TEAS.  Each of these exams are standardized in the curriculum which the students are tested.  Both tests include the following subjects; anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, English grammar, reading comprehension and mathematics.  Determining how to study for these tests can be challenging, especially when the actual study guides for each of the tests are not always very helpful if the student needs remedial assistance in certain subject matter.  The truth is that the two tests are very similar in their subject tests.  The company that produces the HESI still produces the NET.  The companies are very convoluted in who they actually are, since they are constantly changing their corporate names and headquarters.  Nursing schools are simply looking for a standardized nursing entrance test.  Many are requiring the nursing entrance tests that are more comprehensive than the original NET, which only includes math and reading comprehension.

One should not be surprised to see more and more nurse entrance tests emerging in the next few months.  With the job market skyrocketing in the health care field, many companies are going to emerge that will focus their energies on developing nurse entrance tests, or other generalized health care related entrance tests.  Students should always be prepared with the most up to date and comprehensive study tools.  The internet is filled with many loop holes, twists and turns that can frustrate the best of us who are looking for real documented, well written study texts.   Unfortunately there are study texts out there that promise much but deliver little in the way of preparatory material.  With such comprehensive subject matter, one could spend months studying for the HESI and TEAS.  The student should not panic, but remember that the best tests are written to encompass the main focus of all the subjects.  That should help to narrow the amount of study time needed.

For the most part, both the HESI and the TEAS are counterparts of each other.  Both include the same test subject matter and both are for nursing entrance admission tests.  The key is to find a study guide that will give a comprehensive tutorial on all subjects without being too lengthy.  The book entitled, “Pass The NET” does just that.  It is written with an emphasis on the nursing process.  This implies that the subject material is close to that which first year nursing students must know, with review of the body systems relating to the nursing process.  Which ever test, the HESI or the TEAS a student must challenge, using the book, “Pass The NET” will be a positive step at raising their scores as well as preparing them for the first year of nursing school.

Best wishes in your life’s journey.

Author, Nancy Kimmel RN, Phd, CHMM, CNAT, CPI

Author, Nancy Kimmel RN, Phd, CHMM, CNAT, CPI

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