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What do you do when you tried and tried but consistently failed the HESI and HESI A2?  You have to look for a study guide that will help you prepare for the exam.  One that has problems similar to the test.  A study guide that has been time proven and is up to date with the information that will assist in preparing the student for the exam.

Students should be comfortable with sitting for the HESI or HESI A2.  They should feel prepared, ready and confident, knowing that the material that they studied would help them achieve a high score.  Higher scoring students have the edge  to get into nursing school than those who score lower on the exam.  A good study guide should accurately reflect the type of tests that will be administered.  Pass The NET, The First Time, does just that.  NET stands for, “The Nursing Entrance Test”.  There are many nursing entrance tests being given across the U.S.  There is the N.E.T., the HESI, HESI A2 and the TEAS.

Students are confused much of the time if they have purchased the right study guide.  Unfortunately, even the study guides prepared by the companies that offer the tests do not adequately prepare the students to pass.  This is where the study guide, Pass The NET, the First Time, steps things up a notch.  Not only does this study guide prepare student’s to pass, it helps them pass with high scores.  Professor Kimmel has taken great care at writing a book that covers the subject matter which is covered on the HESI and HESI A2.   Professor Kimmel states; ” I have been tutoring students to success for many years and have seen many of the nursing entrance tests.  I know what the student needs to study, as well as how to present the material in an easy to understand format.”

Time to get the edge over the rest.  Get started today with the study guide,

Pass The NET, The First Time

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Studying for the N.E.T. during Pregnancy

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Studying for The N.E.T., during Pregnancy

Studying for the N.E.T during Pregnancy

Studying for the N.E.T during Pregnancy

Studying for a career in nursing is challenging. Even more challenging is the fact that you may be pregnant while going to school. If so, then you are one of many that are embracing the total you and trying to make the most of who you are during this joyous time. There are however some stress levels that can harm you if you are not careful. Especially if you are studying to pass the Nursing Entrance Test. This is a very stressful test. If you are not sure whether or not you are pregnant, you may be unknowingly harming yourself by not eating, or sleeping properly. Staying up long hours trying to prepare for the nursing entrance test, the HESI or the TEAS Test can cause many untoward side effects. Therefore it is important to develop good study habits and learn how to handle the stress of nursing school.
Some women just know when they are expecting, without any outward signs and symptoms. But for the majority of women, most do not know immediately. While the market is inundated with pregnancy test kits, there are still some tell tale signs that a women can look for to determine whether or not she is pregnant. Some of the tell tale signs of pregnancy are the following: (note that not all signs occur at the same intervals and some signs are not a perceptible in all women.)
1. Fatigue; (many women experience the feeling of fatigue as one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. The overwhelming sense of tiredness, where you just don’t want to do anything or just can’t.)
2. Breast enlargement; (as the fetus develops, hormones surge through the women’s body and increase the breast size.) Women may also notice a slight tingling or itching of the breasts. The areola become more darkened and enlarged, and the nipples are very sensitive.
3. Vaginal discharge; (sometimes there is a clear or mucous type vaginal discharge) Women feel that this might be a yeast infection, but there is no odor or itching. This is just the body’s way of telling the women that she is pregnant and has lots of hormones working a peak levels.
4. Cessation of the first menstrual cycle. For most women, they know when they miss their first period that they are probably pregnant. Although, now with the many different types of birth control, some women do not have periods for several months. Those women who have, “periods like a clock”, usually know for sure when they miss their first period or it doesn’t arrive on time.
5. Abdominal fullness; Women may notice that their stomach feels more full, or they cannot hold it in as deep as they did a few weeks prior. The skin may itch as well.
6. Hunger: This is a big one, an increase in appetite. All of a sudden you are eating extra helpings, and finishing everything on your plate. (overeating prior to a test is not uncommon and can cause unwanted extra pounds.)
7. Nausea: Sometimes this symptom may occur rapidly. Though it is a common occurrence, vomiting along with the nausea may cause dehydration and rupture of blood vessels. (It is very hard to study or concentrate while nauseated)
Above are some of the tell tale signs of pregnancy. If you think that you might be pregnant then you should make an appointment to see your doctor right away. Good prenatal care is essential in the development of a healthy baby. For those mothers without health insurance, there are participating state programs just for mothers and babies, to ensure that every woman enjoys a healthy pregnancy and a healthy career as a nursing student.
To ease some of the stress associated with going to school and being pregnant, just go to The Nurses Learning Center to enjoy online practice tests that will help you prepare to pass the HESI, the NET or the TEASE nursing entrance test.

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