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Reading Comprehension on the TEAS Nursing Entrance Test

Written by kimmel52 on March 2, 2010 – 2:42 am

Sample questions similar to the TEAS, HESI, and the NET

Sample questions similar to the TEAS, HESI, and the NET

This test measures your ability to understand what you read. You may be asked to:

  • identify the relationship between sentences

  • distinguish between the main and secondary ideas

  • make inferences

DIRECTIONS: Read the statement or passage and then choose the best answer to the question. Answer the question on the basis of what is stated or implied in the statement or passage.

  1. Myths are stories, the products of fertile imagination, sometimes simple, often containing profound truths. They are not meant to be taken too literally. Details may sometimes appear childish, but most myths express a culture’s most serious beliefs about human beings, eternity, and God.

    The main idea of this passage is that myths
    (a) are created primarily to entertain young children
    (b) are purposely written for the reader
    (c) provide the reader with a means of escape from reality
    (d) illustrate the values that are considered important to a society

  2. Australia has many strange beasts, one of the oddest of which is the koala. Perfectly adapted to one specific tree, the eucalyptus, this living teddy bear does not need anything else, not even a drink! The moisture in the leaves is just right for the koala, making it the only land animal that doesn’t need water to supplement its food (from That Astounding Creator Nature by Jean George).

    The passage indicates that the koala
    (a) is a member of the bear family that does not need moisture to live
    (b) gets all of its nourishment from the eucalyptus tree
    (c) adapts itself to any surroundings
    (d) is the only animal that does not need food to live

  3. It is early summer. August’s long-awaited vacation time still seems ages away, but by the same toke, its torpor-producing heat and mildew-generating humidity have not yet arrived. Instead, these cool, end-of-June days practically insist on getting the picnic season under way immediately. But, alas, there is a difficulty: alfresco dining has a bad name among us. Tenth-rate hot dogs, carbonized chicken parts, and beef a-la-charcoal are principally what comes to mind when we hear the words “outdoor food” (from A Spanish Picnic by Robert Capon).

    The passage suggests that the author believes that
    (a) picnicking in August is long-awaited
    (b) August is better than June for a picnic
    (c) there are some negative aspects to eating outside
    (d) picnicking is better alfresco

  4. In embarking on the fight for independence, America faced formidable obstacles. The Continental Congress did not have the authority to pass binding legislation or to impose taxes. The new nation had no army and no navy, and its population numbered only 2.5 million people, 20 percent of whom were slaves. Britain, by contrast, was a mighty power of 11 million people with the world’s best navy and a well-disciplined army. Fifty thousand troops were in North America in 1778, and Britain hired thirty thousand German soldiers to supplement its forces during the war (from An American History by Rebecca Brooks Gruver).

    What is the main point of the passage?
    (a) Britain was a great power whose population outnumbered that of America.
    (b) America’s military forces were less experienced than Britain’s military.
    (c) America’s Continental Congress had limited authority.
    (d) As America was about to engage in its struggle for autonomy, it was faced with arduous barriers.

DIRECTIONS: Two underlined sentences are followed by a question or statement about them. Read each pair of sentences and then choose the best answer to the question or the best completion of the statement.

  • The Midwest is experiencing its worst drought in fifteen years. Corn and soybean prices are expected to be very high this year.

    What does the second sentence do?
    (a) It restates the idea found in the first.
    (b) It states a result or effect of the statement in the first sentence.
    (c) It gives an example of the statement in the first sentence.
    (d) It analyzes the statement made in the first sentence.

  • The American prison system functions primarily to exact retribution. In Japan, the courts are less concerned with sending people to jail than they are with rehabilitating them.

    What does the second sentence do?
    (a) It supports an idea found in the first sentence.
    (b) It analyzes an idea stated in the first sentence.
    (c) It states a contrast to the statement in the first sentence.
    (d) It exemplifies an idea found in the first sentence.

    Correct Answers

    READING COMPREHENSION 1-d; 2-b; 3-c; 4-d; 5-b; 6-c


  • This test measures your understanding of sentence structure–of how sentences are put together and what makes them complete and clear. You may be asked to:

    • choose the most appropriate word or phrase to substitute for the underlined portion of the sentence

    • identify sentences which have the same meaning

    • recognize incomplete sentences

    • recognize relationships of coordination and subordination

    • follow the logic of a sentence

    DIRECTIONS: Select the best version of the bold part of the sentence. The first choice is the same as the original sentence. If you think the original sentence is best, choose the first answer.

    1. Ms. Rose planning to teach a course in biology next summer.

      (a) planning
      (b) plans
      (c) with a plan
      (d) are planning

    2. The professor listing only four journals on psychology.

      (a) listing
      (b) are listing
      (c) with a list
      (d) listed

    DIRECTIONS: Follow the directions for rewriting the sentences below. Keep in mind that your new sentence should be well written and should have essentially the same meaning as the sentence given.

    1. Being a female jockey, she was often interviewed.

      Rewrite, beginning with:  She was often interviewed . . .
      The next words will be
      (a) on account of she was
      (b) by her being
      (c) because she was
      (d) being as she was

    2. Copies of the proposed rules were provided by the president of the college to the members of the committee.

      Rewrite, beginning with:  The president of the college . . .
      The next words will be
      (a) to the members of the committee
      (b) providing proposed rules from
      (c) provided copies of the proposed
      (d) proposed copies of the rules

    3. Having no air conditioning, her condo is very hot.

      Rewrite, beginning with:  Her condo is very hot . . .
      The next words will be
      (a) on account of it has
      (b) because it has
      (c) by it being
      (d) being as it is

    4. The praise of the other officers was earned by the young sergeant who solved the murder.

      Begin with:  Having solved the murder . . .
      The new sentence will include
      (a) earned the praise
      (b) earning the praise
      (c) praising of
      (d) praised the young sergeant

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    Reading Comprehension on the Nursing Entrance Test, HESI, HESI A2 and the TEAS

    Written by kimmel52 on February 20, 2010 – 10:39 am

    Relax, there is a study guide to help you

    Relax, there is a study guide to help you

    The reading comprehension section on the NET, TEAS, HESI A2 and the TEAS test can very frustrating for those taking the test for the first time.  It is highly recommended that students prepare for each of these tests.  Finding the right preparatory materials is not that easy.  Using study guides such as GRE or even the actual study guides produced by the corporations that offer the tests are not sufficient.  The book entitled, Pass The NET ™ will indeed help the student pass the reading comprehension.  The book offers students insight into what the actual test is attempting to illicit in regards to  critical thinking skills.  It doesn’t matter if the student has a 4.0 grade point average coming into the test.  Many of these students do not pass on the first try.  This is not very encouraging, however, there is hope.  The tutorial study guide, Pass The NET™ give the student all the pertinent information needed to be able to meet the desired passing score and beyond.  Basically what the tutorial consists of  are complete reading passages developed to cover biology, nursing and psychology.  These passages are actually longer than the passages that the student will have to read on the exam.  The questions that follow challenge the student to deduce the main theme of the passage, the main topic, authors view point and many other minuscule subtle inferences that are necessary to comprehend.  The student will get inside information on exactly what the nursing schools are looking for in the overall reading comprehension scores.

    You can pass the nursing entrance test the first time!

    You can pass the nursing entrance test the first time!

    These nursing entrance exams are attempting to determine whether or not the student has sufficient critical thinking, and analytical skills in reading comprehension.  It stands to reason that the school would need to know such information based on the difficulty of the rigorous nursing curriculum.  Students need to be prepared for the reading comprehension.  The book, Pass The NET ™ will help the student be prepared and confident, as well as pass the first time.

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    How to Successfully Pass the N.E.T., HESI and T.E.A.S. Test

    Written by kimmel52 on December 23, 2009 – 11:39 am

    Who We Are: Teachers, Nurses and College Professors dedicated to helping students make it into nursing school and graduate!

    We write the software;   We write the tutorials;    We help you Pass The NET

    WE ARE THE Authorities on publishing study guides for all nursing entrance tests! Most materials are immediately available to download directly to your computer.

    You should care to have the best study tools
    You should care to have the best study tools

    Why should you care? YOU SHOULD, IF YOU WANT


    Because all our study guides have a proven success rate of 95%

    for the past 4 years, whether you need help in the math section,

    reading comprehension or just want to review A & P, Chemistry,

    Biology, and English Grammar.

    What Action you should take? Get the ONLINE N.E.T. Test Practice at




    If you have failed the NET, HESI or TEAS, and don’t want to take the chance

    of failing again, or you want a tutorial that you know will give you results

    such as a passing score higher than the national average, then you should purchase a tutorial.

    What results will you see?

    You want to be a nurse? Don't you?
    You want to be a nurse? Don’t you?

    You’ll  BE A NURSE!

    If you study, then you will pass, and get into Nursing School.

    If you have the desire to go into nursing, then you must first get ready to take the N.E.T., the HESI or the TEAS entrance test. You can begin preparing for your career by practicing your skills using the online tutorials and tests at The Nurses Learning Center. There are over 1000 questions and answers. You will get unlimited internet access, 24/7. It is yours to keep. New questions are added daily. It’s like sitting for the N.E.T., The HESI or the TEAS in your home.

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    Online Practice Tests now available for All Nursing Entrance Tests Nationwide

    Written by kimmel52 on December 6, 2009 – 4:41 am

    Students have to pass the TEAS, the HESI and the NET to get into nursing school. Finding the right tutorial can be frustrating. Now, students can have unlimited access to online tests that will help them to prepare for any nursing entrance test

    Dec 06, 2009 – How frustrating is it when students aspiring to become nurses have to pass the HESI, TEAS, or the NET and the only help they can find isn’t enough to help them pass.  Even worse, the sites that actually offer the tests to nursing schools charge students a fee to access only a few practice questions and then only give them a few hours or days until their access expires.  Nancy Kimmel, educator, nurse and PhD recognized this fact long ago, and has diligently worked on preparing an online tutorial containing challenging test questions and explanations that students can use whenever and where ever they choose, as long as the have access to a computer.  With an extensive background in chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology, math and reading comprehension, Nancy Kimmel has compiled all of her years of teaching and writing to give students the opportunity to pass the nursing entrance test successfully the first time

    “Too many students find my site after the fact.  They have failed either the HESI, TEAS or the NET more than one time and they are desperate.  I have had more than one conversation that centered around helping a student calm down and gain confidence.”

    Professor Kimmel has complied tests that cover anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, English grammar, reading comprehension and math.  All with detailed answers, explained in a manner that student’s can understand.  The best thing about these tests are that they are accessible online.  All the student has to do is to log on to
    http://www.nurseslearningcenter.com/testing and they are ready to go.  Over one thousand questions and answers are contained in this online program.

    The online program keeps track of the student’s scores, so that the students can see how they are progressing.
    Professor Kimmel states, “It’s not about the money, it’s about education.  Students require real and applicable knowledge if they are to pass the various nursing entrance tests.  Unfortunately there are way too many sites on the internet that are just out there to make money advertising, and the students are led about from one site to another.  This leaves them frustrated and hopeless.  I want to be able to give students a legitimate study guide that will help them to pass the first time.”

    Since the HESI and the TEAS are very similar in test content, Professor Kimmel has been able to combine a similar testing format.  The method of having online practice tests also helps students with test anxiety and helps them to time themselves.  Many of the nursing entrance tests are offered by computer examination only.  Students who are not familiar with computerized testing usually do not score as high on the tests.

    With the combined test information put into an online tutorial, students are able to master the material and perform with more confidence thus increasing their scores.

    Professor Kimmel states, “With so many people going into the nursing field, nursing schools are raising their entrance test scores to 80% on some exams.  In some nursing schools, only the students that score the highest are allowed entry.”

    Professor Kimmel sees the need for more than just adequate preparation.  The online test questions are designed through integrated learning to increase the student’s knowledge base each time they master one test.  The material keeps getting more challenging.

    Professor Kimmel stated, “If student’s can pass with an 80% or better on all of the tests then they will score in the top 5 percent of those testing.”

    This is quite a statement.  But it is evidently one that Professor Kimmel believes students can achieve.

    This Study Guide is designed to alleviate the stress by providing a clear path to “passing the first time”.

    The designer of the online exams has personally tutored students success.
    Dr. Nancy Kimmel, one of the authors of the Nursing Entrance Test Study Guide, writes:

    “I can say with confidence, anyone who can score an 80% of the post-final exam for math and reading, will pass the Nursing Entrance Test the first time using this study guide. Many students simply cannot pass the Nursing Entrance Test the first time. I have decided it is time to change that. I encourage all feedback. It is my goal that this software will benefit all those who seek to become nurses. I am happy to help their careers along”.

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    Written by kimmel52 on October 23, 2009 – 7:12 pm

    How Did Our Seminar Go?
    Well folks we had a great time at the “Pass the N.E.T.” seminar last night. There were students all over the greater metro Detroit area present. A lot of learning took place. We had reading comprehension and math handouts, the Nursing Entrance CD, and a free subscription to the Nurses Learning Center online tutorial with practice tests, not to mention the four hours of one on one instruction and tutoring. It went great. We covered much of the pertinent topics, such as how to test smarter, not harder, tips on how to increase scores in the reading comprehension section and how to handle those difficult fractions in the math section. There was another seminar going on a few doors down dealing with improving reading comprehension abilities in high school students. They liked our handouts so much that they asked for some so they could incorporate it into their new curriculum design. What a wonderful night of learning.
    There were many students that wanted to attend but couldn’t. They called asking if we were going to have another seminar. Indeed we are. Tentatively our next seminar date will be toward the middle of February. Look for flyers at your local college book stores. By the way, we would like to extend our many thanks to Pat, manager of all five of the Wayne County Community College Book stores who allowed us to put up our flyers, and a big thank you to our local Henry Ford Community College Book Store. We apologize to all of the students for giving such late notice regarding the seminar. So absolutely, we are going to do this again.
    The staff at the Double Tree Hotel in Detroit, were courteous and professional in handling all of our needs. The tables had white table cloths with pitchers of fresh ice water and crystal glasses at each table. The participants had their own pen and pad of paper, and what beautiful room décor. We will certainly choose the Double Tree Experience again at our next seminar. Thanks again Double Tree.
    In the seminar we covered test anxiety. This was a big topic. Students loose points due to test anxiety, even though they know the material. By tackling test anxiety and learning how to use visual guided imagery the student can increase their test score by ten points at the least. Many of the students had questions regarding how many times they could take the Nursing Entrance Test. Some schools will only allow three attempts, while other schools will allow unlimited attempts. Questions arose regarding whether or not the Nursing Entrance Test could be taken at one school and transferred to another. While some schools do accept the scores from other schools, it is not the norm. Most schools will only accept student’s scores on the Nursing Entrance Tests that they administer on campus. The NET (Nurse Entrance Test) is a computer based test consisting of six parts: math skills, reading comprehension, test taking skills, stress level, social interaction, and learning style. All six parts must be completed in order to receive scores and be considered for admission. However, only the math and reading scores will be used to calculate application eligibility. A reading score of 60% or higher and a math score of 50% or higher must be achieved for admission to one of the Maricopa Community Colleges’ Nursing Programs.

    Math skills problems consist of whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percentages, number system conversions and algebra equations. Calculators are NOT allowed. Scratch paper will be provided.

    Reading comprehension involves reading selections and answering questions. Not only do most schools prefer their student’s take the Nursing Entrance Test on their campus, but there are many versions of the N.E.T. circulating throughout the various nursing schools throughout the United States, such as the H.E.S.I., the ATT, and the T.E.A.S.. With all these variations of the N.E.T. it is no wonder that student’s have trouble with their search for reliable study materials. It is for this reason that we developed a comprehensive online tutorial platform that includes Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Biology, English Grammar and heavy on the Math and Reading Comprehension. In doing this we have helped students prepare for any and all Nursing Entrance Tests successfully. Participants at the seminar were very pleased with all of the help and free software that they received. We are going to keep on developing more and more practice tests. We want everyone to pass the Nursing Entrance Test the first time.

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