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Nursing Entrance Test, HESI, TEAS Sample Math Question of the Day

Written by kimmel52 on October 23, 2009 – 12:31 pm

Math Question of the Day

Three fourths of 129.00 is equal to what number?

First use the rule of math language.
3/4(129) = x

This is the same as multiplying 0.75 (129) = 96.75
Remember, you need to know your long multiplication to take the HESI, the TEAS or the N.E.T.

Home Sales versus Renting in the State of Michigan

YEAR Homes Purchased Homes Rented
1999 30,000 25,000
2000 29,000 26,000
2001 28,000 27,000
2002 27,500 27,078
2003 27,125 27,103

A. Given the data above, the equation of a line for “Homes Purchased” and for “Homes Rented” is shown below.
B. Find the year at which homes rented will equal homes purchased

H(t) = – 0.19(t) + 43.73

R(t) = 0.16(t) + 39.90

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