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Passing the Boards

Written by kimmel52

So You Finally Passed The Nursing Boards

By Nancy Lydia Kimmel R.N., Ph.D., C.H.M.M.

Congratulations! So you finally passed your boards, and now you are a real Registered Nurse. How does it feel, to have passed the final test of all tests? Great? Absolutely! Now what? Well, to begin, you need to celebrate. There are many loved ones that are also looking forward to taking part in the celebration. After all, they were your support through those trying years in nursing school. They stood by you, through your highs and lows. Yes, there were those low points. But now, it’s over. Now begins a new chapter in your life. No longer are you a student nurse, or a graduate nurse, you are a REGISTERED NURSE. Yeah baby! Did you know, that now you can actually practice anywhere in the United States?

The horizon is endless and you are in the driver’s seat with an unlimited gas card. Before all of this wonder and responsibility actually sinks in, it is time to do something nice for yourself. Do something that you have always wanted to do. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, nor does it have to be something that is going to break the bank, although there may not be much in the bank at this moment. It is the small things that can mean the most. Here are a few suggestions, go out with those special people in your life to a restaurant that you have always wanted to go to, spend a couple of days at a local hotel that has a pool, spa, and amenities for kids and adults, treat yourself to a manicure, a pedicure, a makeover, get your hair done, buy yourself a new outfit, go to a car dealership and test drive the most expensive car on the lot, but be sure you stop at a drive through gourmet coffee stand so that everyone will see you in your ride, go out to a park and just spend the day there, paint a picture, go out to the theater, or simply stay home and spend quality time with the ones you love. You have many things to talk about. Now you can let your guard down and speak your mind about all of the challenges in nursing school and how you managed to actually get to this point in your life. You need to vent and whether or not you realize it; you have stuff to vent about. It is a relief to be done with school. It was not an easy road. You put in many clinical hours doing the work of a Registered Nurse without pay.

You faced many personal challenges and challenging personalities. The frustrations that you had to overcome must be vented, because you overcame them all. Not everyone can make the journey to Registered Nurse. Remember, you did, and that is really a life accomplishment. Yes, you really did pass the NCLEX.. Those forty eight hours of waiting for those two words to show up on the testing web site, PASS, or FAIL,was more than anyone could stand, but you waited, with fear, anticipation and excitement, but probably more fear than excitement. Then to finally find out that you PASSED. Wow, talk about a rollercoaster ride. It’s over in less than one minute. You read the words on the computer screen, ” PASSED”, and then you draw a blank, as you sit there staring at the screen. You feel like you’re going to cry, no, laugh, no, just sit there in utter amazement wondering how you did it. Then it sinks in, minute after the next, and you say to yourself, “hey, I am an R.N., a Registered Nurse, a real Registered Nurse.” But you’re still not sure, until you actually get your license from the state. Wow, talk about paranoid. Yes, we all are. Your licensure from your state will only take a few days to arrive.

When it arrives, you see the number, it’s your number, so yes now your are for sure now that you are an real REGISTERED NURSE. Take time to let it sink in, go over all of your hurdles, look at all of your books and remember how many hours you put in studying day after day. The journey to becoming a Registered Nurse was a grueling and arduous road. It took courage, perseverance, patience, self control, time management, self sacrifice, diligence, fortitude and above all the love of helping ones fellow man, and yes, you did it. You are now in the ranks of one of the most noble professions, one that challenges the mind, soul, body and spirit, and one that never stops giving strength when you can actually see your efforts bringing forth wellness, dignity, and health.

Your true learning will soon begin, and you will experience nursing in all of its facets. Life is of course a learning experience, and you still have so much to learn. With all of that said, take some time, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I like me, and I am proud of myself and of my accomplishments!”, and so you should be. You stand in the ranks with

those who came before you and laid the foundation on which you now stand such as Florence Nightingale You will also make your mark in the history of the nursing profession. But right now, it is time to celebrate.

Be Well,

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