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Phlebotomy Career Training

Our 6 week classes will begin again shortly, based on enrollment.

We are pleased to announce our new CARDIO-PHLEBOTOMY PROGRAM.  This new program includes certification as a Telemetry Technician and IV Technician.  Call us at 313-826-2381 to find out more. We have classes beginning this month on the 7th of June.

Phlebotomy Career Training LLC
28050 Ford Road, Suite C
Garden City, MI 48135
We are an Official State Licensed Proprietary School in the State of MI


What to wear: Navy Blue scrubs with white tennis shoes
Hair should be secured off the shoulders, no nail polish,
fake nails, or excessive makeup.
What to bring; Each student should have their own box of latex gloves,
or latex free gloves, note book, pens and calculator.

Arrive first day of class at 7:30 AM

Some of our Clinical rotation sites include the following:

Oakwood Hospital
Local labs and Clinics in the surrounding metro Detroit Area

Certificate Awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Click below to purchase the course using your credit card:
Phlebotomy Career Training
Hands on Training for a future Career

Best Wishes,
Let’s make this the best class ever!
Nancy Kimmel R.N., PhD

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