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Phlebotomy Practice

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Phlebotomy Practice Test Final 200 points

Phlebotomy Career Training, 28050 Ford Road, Garden City MI 48135
Phlebotomy Career Training 28050 Ford Road, Garden City MI 48135

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All Materials Copyright 2009, Phlebotomy Career Training, by Nancy Kimmel RN, PhD, CHMM, CNAT,

For the questions below list the order of draw according to tube color, number of tubes used and any preparation needed such as inversion times and whether or not it is a fresh frozen specimen.  You may refer to your lab handouts as reference.

Your labs are as follows;

  1. TSH, Electrolytes, Lipid Panel, Blood Cultures
  2. Your labs are as follows; Dilanitin level, Gentamyacin Peak, Sickle Cel

3.  Your labs are as follows; Hgb (hemoglobin), Hct (hematocrit), AST, ALT,  PTT

Fasting 6 hour Glucose, Hgb A1C, Depakene level

Serum Albumin, Alk Phos, Na, K, Cl, CO2

(See The Study Guide for Phlebotomy Certification)

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  2. By Katherine Trout on Oct 19, 2009

    Is there a study guide for this exam, I would love to use it as a practice exam for my phlebotomy students.

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