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CNA State Certification

Congratulations to all of my students and those across the U.S. who have completed a nurse’s aide training program.  Now is the time to get ready to take your state exam.  Hopefully you have sent in your letters of course completion and have received your authorization to test.  It is very important for a nurse’s aide graduate to schedule their test date for state certification immediately after graduation.  This is due to the fact that the information that you have learned is still fresh in your mind as well as your clinical skills.  This is an exciting time.  Soon you will earn your nurse aide certification and your name will be placed with all the other nurse’s aides on the national registry.

Feeling nervous prior to a test is normal.  Actually, a certain amount of stress is good.  However, when the stress becomes overwhelming, the student’s exam and clinical performance can suffer.  To prevent this from occurring, the graduate nurse’s aide should practice their skills on friends and family while talking out loud and going through all of the steps.

Speaking your way through each of the skills helps to relieve anxiety.  It is just like performing on a stage.  You need to practice your lines and actions and most importantly, study, study, study.  Ask your instructors where to obtain practice tests.  The student will perform better on the exam when they practice their skills and knowledge.

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  1. By Diane on Mar 15, 2010

    I was wondering if I could receive more information about your CNA program. I could not find a contact address on this website. Could you please contact me at the address I sent this email from? Thank you for your time.


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