Online practice for the HESI, the TEAS, and the N.E.T.

Practice Taking HESI Tests Online at the Nurses Learning Center
Attention all students. Now you can pass the HESI Nursing Entrance Test on the first try. The Nurses Learning Center now offers online HESI practice tests designed to help students pass the first time. Failure is no longer an option.

PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 10, 2010 – HESI Online Practice Tests are now available at the Nurses Learning Center. Students can now take advantage of online tests and tutorials designed to help them pass the Nursing Entrance Test HESI Exam. The online tests are written by nurses and educators who have taken and administered the HESI Exam. The educational team involved in the development of the Nursing Entrance Test question and answer bank have dedicated years of their lives to helping students achieve their goals of becoming a nurse.
Students are searching for reliable study materials and guides to better prepare them for the HESI Test. Preparation is the key to getting scores high enough to get into nursing school. When students are not prepared, they lose their opportunity to enter nursing school that year. This is very disheartening, especially when they have already dedicated two or more years of studying nursing school prerequisites.
Nursing school enrollment is soaring across the nation. Unfortunately, many wonderful pre-nursing students are left behind due to poor HESI scores or not passing the HESI exam. The educators at Nurses Learning Center have decided that enough is enough. Since the actual guide does not help students pass the HESI Test, then there should be a guide that does help students pass. Hence, the Nurses Learning Center Developed the online test bank for students to practice for the HESI Exam.
The online test bank includes tests on Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Mathematics, English Grammar, Reading Comprehension and Chemistry. There are over one thousand questions and answers for students to practice. The tests are designed around first year nursing school curriculum.
This is what separates the Nurses Learning Center site from the rest of the testing sites and guides. The fact is that the educators care about student’s performance on the HESI Exam, and truly want students to pass the first time. Online testing simulates the actual HESI Test and the manner in which it is administered. Many of the nursing entrance tests are now computerized. If students are not familiar with the format of testing on a computer, their chances of passing become poor opposed to those students already familiar with online testing.
Many students find the Nurses Learning Center after they have already failed the HESI Exam one or more times. The Nurses Learning is a small company but one that is committed to the success of students. Professor Nancy Kimmel has been a nurse and educator for over twenty years. Author of the book, Pass The NET, she has pioneered the online testing site with all of her knowledge and skill.
Students have been able higher scores than they could imagine, using the online Nurses Learning Center. Professor Kimmel states, “I have such wonderful letters from students who have passed their HESI Tests after using the Nurses Learning Center online test bank with tutorials. It is a great feeling knowing that you have had some small part to play in the goals of those who pass the HESI Test. These students are going to be nurses, and we helped to get them there! There is no better compensation than a student’s success. “
The Nurses Learning Center enables the students to surpass the level of difficulty required by the HESI Exam. This is the reason that 95% of all students who take the HESI Test after using the Nurses Learning Center pass the first time. The online Nurses Learning Center site can be accessed at http://www.nurseslearningcenter.com

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Our educational products assist students in preparing for the Nursing Entrance Tests across the U.S., including the TEAS, The HESI and the NET. Students can choose from a variety of study materials, such as study guides, pdf downloads and online practice

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9 Responses to “Practice Taking HESI Tests Online”

  1. By Kathy bass on Feb 18, 2011

    I would like 2 practice d math area of d entrance test for lpn..thanks.

  2. By Lashunda Mitchell on Feb 28, 2011

    Can u send me a website that will help me study for the hesiA2 test thanks i would really appreciate it

  3. By kimmel52 on Jun 4, 2011


    The best website is http://www.nurseslearningcenter.com Here you can practice online tests, choose between timed and untimed tests, and practice hundreds of questions to help you in your studying.
    Kind regards,
    Nancy Kimmel

  4. By nancy ardila on Jun 6, 2012

    Please help me I need to practice for hesi test lpn entrance exam. What I can do?

  5. By kimmel52 on Oct 11, 2012

    Dear Nancy;
    The HESI, HESI A2, TEAS, TEAS A5 and The NET all have similarities in the way the questions are phrased. I have tried to put together a book and online test bank that closely mimics the test in the
    content testing platform. I think you need to decide if a book or online test bank is the best way to go for you. If you are interested in the online test bank you may go to http://www.nurseslearningcenter.com and access the free online practice test.


  6. By Dr Kerr on Apr 2, 2013

    My student only needs to practice for the HESI Rading.

  7. By Melissa on May 22, 2013

    I purchased the Pass the N.E.T the first time and there was an access code to free online test. But I have not been able to find where to input the code to take any of the test. I purchased the book on Amazon. I need HELP!

  8. By Cheri on Jun 1, 2013

    Hi there, I will be taking the HESI A2 entrance exam for the second time at the end of June. I have passed all sections except vocabulary. I have multiple study books and know all the word in the book but when I went to test only two or three words were on the test. Any suggestions as to websites or what I can study to pass the section next time?

  9. By Hayat Ataya on Dec 20, 2014

    hi, (English segond language) please I need your help preparing for Hesi A 2 Entrance Exam please I’m looking for free website to practice for Hesi A2 anything beside hesiprep.com hesi test guide.

    I appreciate your help
    Hayat Ataya

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