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Pass the NET

Written by kimmel52

The nursing entrance test is used to evaluate pre nursing students academic abilities. Students gain acceptance into nursing schools based on their scores. The tests that are used for evaluation incorporate subjects such as math, English, English grammar, biology, chemistry and anatomy and physiology. Several of the most widely used tests, are the HESI, the HESI A2 and the TEAS. There are many study guides available for the students that help them prepare for these tests. Unfortunately, even the actual study guides from the authors of the tests fall short of preparing the students to pass successfully. Students are faced with the dilemma as to what type of study guide will help them to best prepare. The frustration is critical, especially when their futures hang in the balance. Waiting lists for nursing school have exceeded to the point that people are told that they have to wait three to five years. If the student only gets three chances to pass the entrance test, then they have to choose another school or they feel forced to choose another career. This is unfair to the student who wishes to go into the nursing field to help people. Taking into consideration the nursing shortage that the U.S. is facing, one would think that getting into nursing school should not be so difficult. Instead, the stakes are continually raised. Not only now does the student have to pass the nursing entrance tests, but that is not enough, now they have to pass with a score that is higher than the rest. The question that has to be asked, is, if there is not a study tool that the actual authors of the tests produce that will give students this edge, then how can they pass with exceptional scores. The answer is, they can’t. It is no wonder that students are becoming disheartened at realizing their dreams of becoming a nurse. The good news is that there is hope. The book, Pass the NET, is the secret weapon that students now have to help the not only pass the nursing entrance tests, but pass with exceptional scores. So true is this that one nursing dean in the metro Detroit area stated, “It is probably better that we don’t tell students about this book, since it will give them an edge. This book is like a secrete weapon.” But the good thing is that this book is available to all, and it has been helping students across the U.S..

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