Wouldn’t it be great if students could sit for the NURSING ENTRANCE EXAM in the privacy of their home? Well you can, almost that is. With the online tutorial testing program at the Nurses Learning Center, students can take tests that are similar in content to the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST., the HESI and the TEAS-ATT.When those of us contemplate going to nursing school via a community college or a university, our minds become flooded with questions, such as: “Which school should I attend? What type of degree am I going to obtain?; Am I eligible for financial aide; How expensive will it be.” These questions require answers. Or maybe you have a degree but need to brush up on some skills to keep competitive. An nursing education degree online may be the perfect solution for today’s busy lifestyle, but the individual must first realize that they have to take the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST. Many colleges are starting online accredited nursing degree programs. These courses are often equivalent to on-campus classes. They offer tailored instruction where you can go at your own pace and go to clinicals in your own work place. The first thing and most foremost in all of the prospective nursing school students immediate future is how to study and pass The NURSES ENTRANCE TEST.
Taking a similar test suchs as the NET, The HESI and the TEAS-ATT at the Nurses Learning Center helps the student to score high on their initial test. Using a computer may seem like an easy task to many, but in fact, there are a lot of people that do not know how to maneuver around a computer. Which is why practicing on a computer  by taking similar tests to the content of the N.E.T. is such a crucial step in the student passing the first time. The pre-nursing student has a lot on their plate each semester that they get closer to gaining entry into the nursing program. They are bombarded with many questions about their future classes that need to be answered. It is important for the student to speak with the Dean of the Nursing Program to get help as well as to ascertain exactly which of the NURSING ENTRANCE TESTS they should be preparing.
Learning where to go, who to speak with and what papers to fill out can be an education in itself. Take your time and shop around for the nursing school, college or university that best meets your needs. Compare prices and course descriptions.

What kind of one-on-one support do they offer if you have questions or difficulties?

Can you study at your own pace? “NOT in the initial Nursing Program, but perhaps in the prerequisites.

What are the costs? Can you get financial aide?

The pre-nursing student has much to think over and decide, while at the same time they must prepare for the NURSING ENTRANCE EXAM

Sometimes life’s circumstances dictate more toward the degree that would best suit us rather than what we actually want. For people headed into the nursing program, at lot of life can happen between the time that they begin to take their pre nursing classes to the time that they get into nursing school. To begin earning a nursing degree requires an extensive blueprint. The blueprint might change as you climb the educational ladder, but the foundation remains the same. Those foundations include English, science, humanities, language, math and ofcourse, taking The NURSING ENTRANCE TEST.
Single parents, welfare recipients, senior citizens and those who have some physical handicap or are working full-time, feel ostracized from the traditional nursing college circuits, many of us know only to seek out schools in our immediate vicinity, or not too far from home. If we cannot find a college or university to commiserate with our circumstances and goals all is lost, right?
Keep on track. Begin studying for the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST. No matter if you are not sure which of the NURSING ENTRANCE EXAMS you will be taking. The first step to achieve any goal is to prepare. At the Nurses Learning Center students can prepare to study subjects such as anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, math and reading comprehension. Students can keep track of their exams scores and have unlimited access to all tests and tutorials. It is like studying for a college degree in your home. By using these exams and practicing, the student develops the intellectual skills necessary to help them succeed in their prerequisite classes in college.
The old saying, that is it seems too good to be true, it is, does not apply. Anything worth having requires diligence and hard work, perseverance and hope. Whether you study at home or in a study hall, studying is a must. Although many correspondence courses offer eight week to one year limit per course completion, it can be very tempting to slack off. Frequent correspondence with the teacher either by mail or by phone helps a great deal in knowing what material you must concentrate on. Do no hesitate to ask questions. Student to teacher communication is an integral part of the education process. It is possible to just obtain the course book, study the material, and test out in the presence of a proctor without ever corresponding with your professor, but you are doing s disservice to yourself. Remember, you can start studying for the N.E.T. months in advance before actually signing up. Getting a head start is a great idea. A good grade point average is a ticket to a better future. If you’re allotted six months to complete a course, and then use that time to your advantage and get as much information from the instructor as possible. Asking and formulating questions is the recipe to successful future nurses.
Depending on what filed of nursing you choose to study, if a lab is required, then you need to attend a laboratory session near your home at a local college or university. Science is a difficult field to learn solely at home, however there are many fields to study that can be successfully mastered through correspondence. There are some nursing degree programs that offer correspondence learning, but not in the clinical setting.
*Do not let the price of any course cost deter you from the degree that you want, until you have thoroughly exhausted all possibilities of financial aid, scholarships, loans and employers possible tuition reimbursement.
There are no judgments made as to one school being superior to another. The student must choose the right nursing degree program that best suits his or her circumstances, then begin your study for the N.E.T.

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