Phlebotomy Career Training

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phlebotomyA hands on phlebotomy workshop in Garden City, MI – click below for more info and payment information:
Phlebotomy Career Training

Classes are now forming for Thursday, March the 11th, 2010, we will possibly be running a  Saturday Class as well on March the 13th if ther are enough students.

Currently there are 5 openings for the day class from 8:00 AM until 2:30 PM, and 8 openings in the afternoon class which meets from 3:00 PM until 9:30 PM, every Thursday for 6 weeks.

Course fee is $700.00, half to be paid on the first day of class and the other half is due during the thrid week of class.

Students are required to wear navy blue scrubs to each class, bring a box of latex or non-latex gloves (see course catalog for latex allergy questionnaire and form) and to wear white tennis shoes.

Miscellaneous items needed include; pencil, pens, notebook, paper, stethoscope and blood pressure cuff.

Students may refer to the course catalog for other details.  Course catalog will be posted on the web site as well as the registration form and course syllabus.

The student may expect to posses the following skills upon completion of the course;

  • Perform venipuncture on adults, children and elderly.
  • Perform heel sticks on infants.
  • Perform finger sticks.
  • Glucometer testing.
  • Read ECG strip rhythms such as Bradycardia, Tachycardia and other immediately dangerous to life and health arrythmias.
  • 12 lead ECG placement, and 5 lead placement
  • Intravenous catheter insertion.
  • Pharmacology of various blood pressure, heart and diabetic medications.
  • Anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system, veins and arteries.
  • Therapeutic communication,
  • MAGNET Training for patient care excellence
  • Hazardous Materials Management.
  • Infection Control.
  • Skill at Patient assessment, and understanding the disease process as it relates to the patient and the type of care provided.
  • Knowledge of how to perform a history and physical.

Students will be qualified to work in the following job classifications upon graduation.

  1. Hospital Emergency Room
  2. 24 hour Urgent care facilities
  3. Physicians Clinics
  4. Laboratory Sites
  5. other health care facilities

After the six week course, students will graduate upon successful completion of required evaluation process, and will then begin their 25 draws along with capillary draws. The school will allow students to come in to draw on Tuesdays from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM and on Wednesday from 5:00PM until 8:00PM.  Once the student has completed their 25 draws  and 10 capillary draws they are then eligible to sit for the National Healthcareer Association Exam.  This exam will certify the student as a Phlebotomy Technician in all 50 states.  Once this certification has been achieved, the student can then go on to do their clinical rotation through Oakwood Hospital Out Patient Labs to complete their 100 draws.  The student will work one on one with another certified phlebotomist drawing blood samples from patients coming in as well as processing laboratory specimens using the centrifuge machine and preparing fresh frozen specimens.  The student will not get paid for their rotation.  This is a complimentary externship for the student to help better prepare them for employment. The students liability insurance is paid through the school.

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26 Responses to “Phlebotomy Career Training”

  1. By I Hettgen on Jul 31, 2009

    What is your fall schedule for the Phlebotomy training? Will it still continue on Thursdays only?

  2. By kimmel52 on Aug 10, 2009

    Actually we are beginning a new phlebotomy course in September. The class will be offered on Thursday, but will also be offered on Saturday from 9-3. In addition to our Phlebotomy program we will be offering a CNA training program, which will begin on the 25th of September.
    Please feel free to drop by our office,
    Hours 9-12 for registration,
    Hope to see you soon,
    Nancy Kimmel RN

  3. By John L on Aug 29, 2009

    When are your next set of classes??

  4. By kimmel52 on Aug 31, 2009

    hi John;
    Classes begin on September 24th, 2009. The phlebotomy course has two sections on Thrusday, one from 8 AM until 2:30 PM and then one from 3PM until 9:30 PM. Our CNA class begins on the 25th of september, and runs 6 weeks also. The only difference is that the CNA program meets on Friday and Saturday. So, the CNA’s will meet two times weekly for 6 hours. The CNA course also includes 56 hours of clinical practice during the 6 weeks. Job placement is included with each course. I try to place my students after they graduate. They are amazing, a wonderful group. Feel free to drop by and pick up a course catalogue and syllabus when you have time.
    Thank you,
    Nancy Kimmel

  5. By Gail on Sep 1, 2009

    Requesting updated info re phleb workshop in Garden City/Dearborn MI,class schedules.

  6. By kimmel52 on Sep 4, 2009

    Hello Gail;
    Our next Phlebotomy class will begin on September 24th, 2009. Currently we have 5 openings in our afternoon class which begins at 3:00PM and ends at 9:30PM. The day class is full. We only take 8 students per class. This helps fcilitate a strong learning environment, and I can help students if they have questions. Classes meet every Thursday. Students are requested to wear navy blue scrubs to class, white tennis shoes and bring a box of latex/or non-latex gloves. Stethoscope and blood pressure cuff are optional but suggested due to the health care skills you will be learning. There are some really good buys out there where you can get a stethoscope & BP cuff with stethoscope included for around $10.00 each. Let me know if you have any other questions. The information will be updated.

    Thank you for taking the time to write in,

    Kindest regards,

  7. By kelly on Oct 2, 2009

    What is the starting rate for phlebotomy and can this be done on a part time basis….like 2 to 3 days a week?

  8. By nadia on Oct 25, 2009

    Hello do you have any courses for the Phlebotomy training starting in January 2010?

  9. By Lauren on Nov 12, 2009

    Hi Nancy,

    My daughter is interested in the January 2010 class. Is this a one day a week course? If so, what is the day and time. Do you offer weekend courses?

  10. By kimmel52 on Nov 14, 2009

    Hi Lauren;
    Our 2010 classes will begin on Thursday, January 21. The times are the same as our previous classes. We do not have any weekend phlebotomy classes as of yet.

    Best Wishes,
    Nancy Kimmel RN, CPI (ACS)

  11. By Jyll on Dec 1, 2009

    Hi Nancy,
    I spoke to you this afternoon. How is the externship worked out? Is this during the day? If so, for how long? My biggest issue is getting the time off of work, as I work in Ohio. Will you ever have weekend classes for Phlebotomy?

  12. By kimmel52 on Dec 5, 2009

    Hi Jyll;
    The externship is usually only three days. That is about how long it takes to get 100 venipunctures. Hopefully we will be holding Phlebotomy courses on the weekend in March.
    Hope this helps,
    Best Wishes,

  13. By nadine on Dec 19, 2009

    Hello I wanted to know when does registration for the Phlebotomy training begin for the January 2010 term. Do I come into the office to register or online? thank you!

  14. By Ela on Dec 30, 2009

    Hello Dr. Kimmel,

    Are there still available openings for the phlebotomy course beginning in January 15, 2010? Thank you.

  15. By Danielle Popov on Jan 7, 2010

    Hi! I was wondering if you could re-rend me the link to pass the N.E.T test. I accidentally erased it.

    I talked to you on the phone about a month and a half ago.

    Thanks so much!

  16. By angel on Jan 16, 2010

    hello i was wondering if you had and phlebotomy traing during march? and if so do you have classes that start after 4 pm? or classes only on weekends? please contact me as soon as possible at angelr313@yahoo.com thanks so much.
    angel rivera

  17. By stacy on Feb 26, 2010

    i wanted to know about the testing how many will there be in the class what is score to be consider passing,how many question are on the test before taking the NHA test?

  18. By Renee on Feb 26, 2010

    When does the next phlebotomy course begin? Is job placement included with the price of the course as with the CNA course?

  19. By stacy on Feb 26, 2010

    i was wandering about the testing for the class what is the passing score for the class and NHA test?

  20. By kimmel52 on Mar 1, 2010

    So far we have had a 75% pass rate.

  21. By kimmel52 on Mar 1, 2010

    Hi Renee;
    We offer a great deal of educational resources to help our students find employment, though we do not actively place students. We offer students the use of the school and supplies to complete their 25 draws after graduation so that they may qualify to sit for the NHA Phlebotomy Certification Exam. When the pass, we also offer students a complimentary externship through Oakwood Hospital Labs where the students can work one on one with a phlebotomist and perform 100 venipunctures. We believe that this preparation offered to students after graduation will help them to be proficient healthcare providers and find employment.

    Students are encouraged to do their homework and to look into other phlebotomy programs and pricing,

    We believe in education and preparation of our students,
    Nancy Kimmel RN

  22. By Rebecca on Mar 2, 2010

    I am very interested in this course and was wondering if there will be a course offered in April or May
    Thank you,

  23. By Amanda on Mar 5, 2010

    I’m interested also in the Phlebotomy Training.Are all the spots for the Saturday classes already full? If so, when will you start the next 6 week course?
    Thank you in advance,

  24. By jennifer on Mar 10, 2010

    hi, i was just wondering if there are entry requirements for this training course?

  25. By Marilyn Bloch on Jul 20, 2010

    I just received the book Pass the Net First Time, and I plan on taking the TEAS test for the third time this year. The book is very comprehensive and I learned more from it than from my days at Adelphi University undergrad in Speech and Hearing. In fact, the reading comprehension was never taught that way so that the student gets the correct answer. I think I will pass the Nurse Entrance Test at any college, or vocational school as a result of your training in this book. This book taught me more than four years of college at Adelphi where I learned nothing. Marilyn Bloch

  26. By Kristy on Jan 7, 2011

    Hey Nancy!
    I am interested but I need evening classes and would be looking into March or after in 2011. Can you give me some information?? Thanks-Kristy

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