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Infection Control Topics

Phlebotomy Career Training LLC 2009
by Nancy Kimmel RN PhD, CHMM
Infection Control Principals
1. Universal Precautions
(a) What to wear, ie. Gloves , gown, mask
(b) When to wear personal protection equipment
(c) Hand washing
2. Hepatitis B, C, A and D
(a) Methods of contact
(b) Disease process, organs affected
(c) Vaccination protocol, 3 shots over a series of 6 months
(d) Signs and symptoms; Jaundice, fatigue
3. Needle stick precautions
(a) Proper procedure to disposing of needles in sharps containers.
(b) How to treat a needle stick, proper hospital protocol and follow up treatment.
(c) Procedure to recap needle with one hand in emergency situations.
4. Signs and symptoms of infection
(a) Heat (the area is warm or hot to the touch)
(b) Redness
(c) Swelling
(d) Tenderness and or pain
(e) Pus (greenish drainage)
5. HIV Aids
(a) Time frame of incubation
(b) CD4 count that signifies infection
(c) How transmission occurs
6. TB (Tuberculosis)
a. Testing positive, what to look for; induration of 15 mm
b. Signs and symptoms; fatigue, chronic cough, night sweats, low grade fever
c. Hospital protocol for testing positive
d. TB skin tests, Gold Test, purified protein derivative
7. Donning and Doffing of Personal Protective equipment
a. Don implies to put on personal protective equipment
b. Doff implies to take off personal protective equipment
c. Proper method of donning and doffing according to infection control principals.

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