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Anatomy and physiology review for the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST, THE TEAS-ATT, OR THE HESI, require that the student apply the nursing process. However, no one tells that student that those are the type of questions that they will see on the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST. The best preparation is for the student to read about how the nursing process applies to real world nursing, and thus see how their knowledge of anatomy and physiology is used in the health care field.

Nursing care for allergies include some of the following; identifying the level of health care deficit, providing comfort care, encouraging self care, promoting comfort, assuring that the patients airway is patent and free of any obstruction, and that is no further injury to skin integrity caused by scratching. Nursing diagnoses that are applicable to those suffering from allergies can include but are not limited to; impaired skin integrity related to persistent scratching secondary to an allergic reaction, knowledge deficit related to treatment of allergy symptoms and insufficient air exchange related to congestion secondary to an allergic reaction. Notice that nursing care and nursing diagnoses are not medical diagnoses, such as the diagnoses of an allergy or an allergic response. Nurses who specialize in care for patients with allergies and asthma are able to assist with diagnosis, establishing nursing care objectives and providing treatment. Nurses help determine the cause and treatment of allergic reactions, administer medication and monitor the patients progress throughout the treatment program. Allergy nurses must have knowledge of signs and symptoms allergic reactions and are trained to provide emergency treatments such as, resuscitation, emergency intubation and administration of proper medications when necessary. Allergy nurses help patients understand their conditions, medications and self-care skills.
To learn more about how to better study for the A&P section on the HESI, TEAS TEST, or THE NURSING ENTRANCE TEST, just go to the Nurses Learning Center.

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