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You will find an immense amount of information in my book entitled, Kimmel Guide. Here are just some of the venues for funding your education. You can also purchase the entire guide to scholarships, grants and loans in my book entitled, “Get into Nursing School Fast”. For further information refer to, “My Product” page.

Financial Aid
This book would not be complete without a chapter dedicated to various types of financial aid available to aspiring graduates. Now that you have read about all the programs offering degrees through correspondence, you can start seriously thinking about what type of financial aid package might benefit you most. The rising costs of a college education have made some feel that postsecondary degrees are a luxury. There is no need to see things this way as help is there for those who need it. College scholarships and grants are readily available to students willing to do the research and pay attention to the regulations.

Grant and scholarship providers set their own rules about who can and cannot apply, and students should not waste their time applying for scholarships and grants for which they are not eligible. Finding college scholarships and grants with eligibility criteria you meet is key to receiving awards. Don’t ever cross your fingers hoping the provider won’t notice that you didn’t follow one tiny little rule. The more applications providers receive, the more likely they are to toss aside those of students who don’t match their target profile, no matter how good the essay or project. Here are some important details students should pay attention to before sending out their applications. For more information get the PDF downloadable book on Nursing Scholarships

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