Our First Graduating CNA class

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my CNA students

Press Release from Phlebotomy Career Training

28050 Ford Road, Garden City, Michigan 48135

Date: 11/26/09

Congratulations to our first graduating Certified Nursing Assistant Class of 2009.  It was a day of celebrating for our Nursing Assistant students at Phlebotomy Career Training.  All of the students received their test dates for the Michigan Thompson Prometric Certification for Nursing Assistants.  These students have trained long and hard over the past six weeks.  They put in over forty eight hours of clinical training at HCR Manor in Ann Arbor, Michigan and over eighty hours of class room and lab.   We would like to thank Mrs. Darla Hamstreet Director of Nursing at HCR Manor for allowing our students to train at her extended care facility.  Our many thanks goes to the wonderful nurses and nursing assistants at HCR Manor that we were so fortunate to work along side.

The CNA’s came to the graduation celebration with their families.  The decor included metallic light green balloons on the walls.  The tables were covered with white table cloths, and there were congratulation banners across the room. Everyone got acquainted with each others family members.  We had a special cake made for the occasion.  It was a truly amazing work of culinary art.  The cake was in the shape of patient in a hospital bed with a Foley catheter and a bedside table.  The main course was Pizza.

The graduating CNA’s were excited at the prospect of embarking on a new path in their lives as health care workers.   Diplomas were handed out to each of the graduating CNA’s along with a letter of recommendation from their instructor praising their professionalism and caring natures.  Applause resounded with each diploma as it was presented to the graduating students.  The CNA’s presented their instructor, Nancy Kimmel R.N. with a vase of twelve long stemmed red roses.  There were tears of happiness from all.  Lots of pictures were taken.  One of the children of the graduating CNA’s ate the entire bedside table and Foley catheter.  It was very funny, when the little girl asked what the yellow bag was on the side of the bed.  Everyone laughed.

The after dinner discussion centered on the  level of difficulty regarding the Thompson Prometric Nursing Assistant Exam, and the job possibilities in the Dearborn and Taylor area hospitals for Certified Nursing Assistants.  Everyone felt confident that they would soon be employed.  The students were very supportive of each other and traded phone numbers.  Their instructor suggested that they should schedule times to come to the school to practice their clinical skills.   Many of the students husbands engaged in conversations about having their spouses bringing in an extra income to the family.

The graduation party was a wonderful day of celebration and excitement. The girls are very hopeful to soon be working in hospitals in the surrounding Metro Detroit area.  They are wished all the best.  What an amazing graduating class.  They will truly make a difference in peoples lives.

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  1. By A Nurse on Nov 27, 2009

    Hello, I’m a nurse student and this post is very helpul to me. Thank you!

  2. By kimmel52 on Dec 5, 2009

    You are most welcome.

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