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Certified Nurses Assistant Training Course

In the Certified Nurses Assistant Training Course, the student is introduced to basic nursing care procedures, resident rights, safety and emergency nursing procedures. Principles of therapeutic relationships and client care are presented as well as the legal/ethical issues related to nursing assistant practice. Students demonstrate competencies required to assist in giving basic nursing care to patients in long-term care facilities under the supervision of the instructor or a licensed nursing staff.

AIDS education, 80 lecture  & lab hours and 48 clinical hours are included in the course cost.

The Certified Nurses Assistant Training Course starts every 6 weeks depending on enrollment.

Phlebotomy Career Training LLC
28050 Ford Road, Suite C
Garden City, MI 48135

What to wear: Navy Blue scrubs with white tennis shoes
Hair should be secured off the shoulders, no nail polish,
fake nails, or excessive makeup.
What to bring; Each student should have their own box of latex gloves,
or latex free gloves, note book, pens and calculator.

Arrive first day of class at 7:30 AM

Some of our Clinical rotation sites include the following:
Detroit Medical Center
Oakwood Hospital
Mid West Health Center
Local labs and Clinics in the surrounding metro Detroit Area

Certificate Awarded upon successful completion of the course.
Immediate Job placement available.

to get an updated schedule please call 313-826-2381
Certified Nurses Assistant Training Course

Let’s make this the best class ever!
Nancy Kimmel R.N., PhD

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