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Why is the NET Reading Comprehension so Difficult?

Written by kimmel52 on October 23, 2009 – 5:18 pm

One of the questions that I get the most from students and customers who call in is; “Why do they make the reading comprehension section of the NET so difficult?” or, “I have purchased all of the Kaplan, Princeton, and Barrons guides, and none of them have helped me to pass the NET. Why?” These similar questions go on and on. Here is the explanation that I give to all who call me; first or all, the NET is not written like a test geared for graduate school admission, nor is the NET reading comprehension written like the SAT, ACT or any college entrance admission test. Take it from someone who has taken all these tests and more as well as the nursing entrance test. The nursing entrance test is written to help test the critical thinking skills of the reader. So what does that exactly mean? Read more »

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Nursing Entrance Test Reading Comprehension Example

Written by kimmel52 on February 6, 2009 – 2:39 am

The following passage is an article regarding Attention Deficite Disorder and Attention Deficite Hyperactive Disorder. Try to read the passage in ten minutes and attempt to answer the questions afterward. Practing reading comprehension examples can be obtained at the Nurses Learning Center. Many students find that the reading comprehension section of the N.E.T. is the most challenging tests of them all. Perhaps the reason for this is due in part to the use of required knowledge of the nursing process and as it relates to critical thinking. Students who have previously taken anatomy and physiology should be familiar with the type of critical thinking needed to pass such tests. At the Nurses Learning Center, students have access to over 1300 questions, tests, tutorials and explained answers. Try your best while reading the passage not to go back over the text. Read it once and that’s it. The look at the questions that follow and try to recall exactly what the author was really trying to say.

Millions of children throughout the United States are being treated for ADHD. Is this a syndrome that has always been with us or is this a fairly new phenomenon over the past twenty or thirty years. The medication is usually readily prescribed by Physicians when approached by anxious parents concerned about their child’s behavior. To what extent do we know how the medications that are prescribed for ADHD affect our children? NEW YORK (Reuters) – Richard Scruggs, the lawyer who led the settlement between U.S. states and the tobacco industry in 1998, called the lawsuits against the makers of hyperactivity disorder drug Ritalin the country’s “next class-action battleground.’ Read more »

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