Pass the NET

Written by kimmel52 on May 26, 2010 – 5:45 am

The nursing entrance test is used to evaluate pre nursing students academic abilities. Students gain acceptance into nursing schools based on their scores. The tests that are used for evaluation incorporate subjects such as math, English, English grammar, biology, chemistry and anatomy and physiology. Several of the most widely used tests, are the HESI, the HESI A2 and the TEAS. There are many study guides available for the students that help them prepare for these tests. Unfortunately, even the actual study guides from the authors of the tests fall short of preparing the students to pass successfully. Students are faced with the dilemma as to what type of study guide will help them to best prepare. The frustration is critical, especially when their futures hang in the balance. Waiting lists for nursing school have exceeded to the point that people are told that they have to wait three to five years. If the student only gets three chances to pass the entrance test, then they have to choose another school or they feel forced to choose another career. This is unfair to the student who wishes to go into the nursing field to help people. Taking into consideration the nursing shortage that the U.S. is facing, one would think that getting into nursing school should not be so difficult. Instead, the stakes are continually raised. Not only now does the student have to pass the nursing entrance tests, but that is not enough, now they have to pass with a score that is higher than the rest. The question that has to be asked, is, if there is not a study tool that the actual authors of the tests produce that will give students this edge, then how can they pass with exceptional scores. The answer is, they can’t. It is no wonder that students are becoming disheartened at realizing their dreams of becoming a nurse. The good news is that there is hope. The book, Pass the NET, is the secret weapon that students now have to help the not only pass the nursing entrance tests, but pass with exceptional scores. So true is this that one nursing dean in the metro Detroit area stated, “It is probably better that we don’t tell students about this book, since it will give them an edge. This book is like a secrete weapon.” But the good thing is that this book is available to all, and it has been helping students across the U.S..

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Student Testimonial

Written by kimmel52 on April 3, 2010 – 10:49 am


Thank you soooo much for writing such a fine study guide for the HESI 2.  When I layed eyes on this book, it felt like prepared knowledge for a open mind.
As instructed, I’m requesting the link to download the free software.  I remember you sending me a link which I did review for a couple of hours.  Dr. Kimmel, I don’t remember
downloading the program.  And when I went back to download from my email, the link had expired.  At your leisure, will you please send me the free software so I can download to my computer.
Again, I thank God for imparting His knowledge and wisdom into you to share with the body of potential nurses.

Hurline McGee

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Reading Comprehension on the HESI A2

Written by kimmel52 on February 7, 2010 – 3:47 am

Dear Future Nursing Students;

Passing the Nursing Entrance Test the first time with high scores many be your only opportunity to get into nursing school. There is a tutorial that will help you pass the HESI A2, TEAS, and THE N.E.T. (Nursing Entrance Test). You can choose from individualized PDF subjects such as Math or Reading Comprehension, or the comprehensive Pass The N.E.T. book which contains over 450 pages of tests, tutorials and explanations on the following subjects; Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, English Grammar, Biology, Math, and Reading Comprehension.

Students who call me have very intense apprehension about taking the Nursing Entrance Test. I have spent many hours with students on the phone talking with them and helping to give them the confidence that they need to pass. Unfortunately they find my material after they have failed the NET the first or second time. This is a very important test. Let no one tell you different. Therefore the student needs the most up to date and comprehensive materials to help them PASS the First Time. As a professor, nurse, and author, I have spent many years developing The Nursing Entrance Tutorial material in an easy to understand fashion. I feel so bad for students who are given a small book to study that does not even prepare them for what is on the test. Students must be very careful what they choose to be their study guide. I have lectured on the steps to Pass The NET in Michigan and have tutored many nursing pre nursing students to success. I am in your corner. Please see some of the content regarding the PDF books below;

Reading Comprehension for the NET, HESI, HESI A2 and The TEAS, over 140 pages of topics, passages, tutorials, tests and detailed answers with explanations.
The Pass The NET Reading Comprehension Section in PDF; the Student will be able to…
1. Analyze the passage and determine the Authors point of view.
2. Recognize the key words whose meaning reflects the passages points.
3. Find the main concept or subject.
4. Identify proofs of concepts
5. Illustrate subjective points.
6. Integrate all information
7. Formulate the correct idea that the author is trying to convey.
8. Build reading comprehension skills
9. Develop their critical thinking skills (This is a must for Nursing School)
The Methods that the student will use to achieve the above goals are the following;
10. Practice answering questions on many scientifically based passages in such topics as Biology, Nursing, and Psychology.
11. Questions and tests at the end of each passage.
12. Complete explanations, not just answers.
13. Workbook spaces to answer questions posed after several sentences.

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The Math on the N.E.T.

Written by kimmel52 on January 31, 2010 – 3:40 am

Pass The Nursing Entrance Test, The First Time! Helps prepare students better than the actual study guides for the HESI, The N.E.T. and The TEAS, much more comprehensive.

The NET ( Nursing Entrance Test ) is a computer based test consisting of six parts: math skills, reading comprehension, test taking skills, stress level, social interaction, and learning style. All six parts must be completed in order to receive scores and be considered for admission in a nursing school. The products below will help you achieve your dream of becoming a nurse. As a BONUS we will include FREE with any order a copy of the Kimmel Guide – The Easy Guide to Accredited Degrees Through Correspondence. Products offered and written by the U.S. leading authority in helping students prepare for The Nursing Entrance Test, Nancy Kimmel R.N. Ph.D
As a math instructor at Henry Ford Community College, I have seen the difficulties that students have with the math basics. In this tutorial I incorporate the same teaching methods used in a classroom setting. It is like having a math teacher in your living room.
Pass The N.E.T. Math Review Includes over 200 pages of tutorials, questions and answers. Available in PDF format, can be immediately downloaded upon purchase by clicking on a secure link sent by email.
Topics Covered Include;
1. Addition and subtraction of fractions
2. Multiplication and division of fractions
3. Powers of ten
4. Word problems
5. Ratio and Proportions
6. Solving for “X”
7. Decimals and percentages
8. Dividing by decimals
9. Multiplication of decimals
10. Exponential division, multiplication, addition and subtraction
11. Algebraic factoring
12. Geometry
13. Angles
14. Equations of lines

All explanations are included with detailed solving methods to assist the student in taking the HESI, TEAS, or the N.E.T. quickly and proficiently.

Many students are not sufficiently prepared for the math section. They tend to take too much time on one problem. The methods that you will learn with this tutorial are similar to those that I teach my students to use. Analysis and critical thinking are some of the concepts that you will be able to apply when using this guide.

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NCLEX Review May 11th and 12th

Written by kimmel52 on January 8, 2010 – 2:14 am

The best Nurses in the area are presenting. Give us a call at 313-575-1214 to register. Materials and refreshments included. 8:00AM until 5:00PM both days.

Ready, Set, Pass the Nursing Boards

By the way, come and visit us on Twitter!

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Studying for the N.E.T. during Pregnancy

Written by kimmel52 on December 25, 2009 – 8:37 pm

Studying for The N.E.T., during Pregnancy

Studying for the N.E.T during Pregnancy

Studying for the N.E.T during Pregnancy

Studying for a career in nursing is challenging. Even more challenging is the fact that you may be pregnant while going to school. If so, then you are one of many that are embracing the total you and trying to make the most of who you are during this joyous time. There are however some stress levels that can harm you if you are not careful. Especially if you are studying to pass the Nursing Entrance Test. This is a very stressful test. If you are not sure whether or not you are pregnant, you may be unknowingly harming yourself by not eating, or sleeping properly. Staying up long hours trying to prepare for the nursing entrance test, the HESI or the TEAS Test can cause many untoward side effects. Therefore it is important to develop good study habits and learn how to handle the stress of nursing school.
Some women just know when they are expecting, without any outward signs and symptoms. But for the majority of women, most do not know immediately. While the market is inundated with pregnancy test kits, there are still some tell tale signs that a women can look for to determine whether or not she is pregnant. Some of the tell tale signs of pregnancy are the following: (note that not all signs occur at the same intervals and some signs are not a perceptible in all women.)
1. Fatigue; (many women experience the feeling of fatigue as one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. The overwhelming sense of tiredness, where you just don’t want to do anything or just can’t.)
2. Breast enlargement; (as the fetus develops, hormones surge through the women’s body and increase the breast size.) Women may also notice a slight tingling or itching of the breasts. The areola become more darkened and enlarged, and the nipples are very sensitive.
3. Vaginal discharge; (sometimes there is a clear or mucous type vaginal discharge) Women feel that this might be a yeast infection, but there is no odor or itching. This is just the body’s way of telling the women that she is pregnant and has lots of hormones working a peak levels.
4. Cessation of the first menstrual cycle. For most women, they know when they miss their first period that they are probably pregnant. Although, now with the many different types of birth control, some women do not have periods for several months. Those women who have, “periods like a clock”, usually know for sure when they miss their first period or it doesn’t arrive on time.
5. Abdominal fullness; Women may notice that their stomach feels more full, or they cannot hold it in as deep as they did a few weeks prior. The skin may itch as well.
6. Hunger: This is a big one, an increase in appetite. All of a sudden you are eating extra helpings, and finishing everything on your plate. (overeating prior to a test is not uncommon and can cause unwanted extra pounds.)
7. Nausea: Sometimes this symptom may occur rapidly. Though it is a common occurrence, vomiting along with the nausea may cause dehydration and rupture of blood vessels. (It is very hard to study or concentrate while nauseated)
Above are some of the tell tale signs of pregnancy. If you think that you might be pregnant then you should make an appointment to see your doctor right away. Good prenatal care is essential in the development of a healthy baby. For those mothers without health insurance, there are participating state programs just for mothers and babies, to ensure that every woman enjoys a healthy pregnancy and a healthy career as a nursing student.
To ease some of the stress associated with going to school and being pregnant, just go to The Nurses Learning Center to enjoy online practice tests that will help you prepare to pass the HESI, the NET or the TEASE nursing entrance test.

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Study Tips for the N.E.T.

Written by kimmel52 on December 25, 2009 – 8:19 pm

Study Tips for the Nursing Entrance Test.

Pass The N.E.T. with good eating habits

Pass The N.E.T. with good eating habits

Are you one of those test takers that have to have a bag of chips or popcorn next to you while you study? Well if you are, then you are one of many that have developed this habit over the years. One habit that is extremely hard to break. Overeating prior to testing for the Nursing Entrance Test, the HESI or the TEAS Test, may make you feel better but it won’t necessarily raise your score. Overeating is not the healthy way to study.
A lot of people are overweight today. Obesity is due to various factors that have integrated of a person’s life, not to mention the fact that there is also a genetic predisposition to being overweight. Our society does not help those who are obese. Models that are paper thin are touted as beautiful, beer is advertised and many types of foods that are empty in necessary vitamins but high in calories. Therefore anytime someone comes up with a quick fix to weight loss, there is band wagon of customers willing to try anything. Unfortunately, some of these products interact with blood pressure meds, and can be very dangerous to the heart and kidneys. Fast weight loss is not the answer. The so called, “quick fix” is a false statement that many are led to believe is fact. The body is a miraculous machine which can adapt to many different environments and eating adjustments. Those people who have been struggling with a weight problem for years have to understand that it is going to take perhaps years to take off the weight and to learn how to adjust to a new lifestyle. Losing weight is as much mental as it is physical. Just a alcoholics must religiously attend AA meetings, the overweight individual must also surround themselves with mentors and stimulation to keep up a new style of life and eating habits. It has been proven that excess weight can cause a plethora of health related problems, such as high cholesterol, heart disease, lung problems, and varicose veins. People who are obese also suffer from anxiety, stress and low self esteem. Not all obese people suffer from these aliments, but there are many. Society does not help their plight at all. A support group is especially crucial for the obese person to remain strong and committed to their new routine. Knowing that they can contact someone at all hours of the day and night helps to relieve the day to day stress associated with eating disorders and anxiety attacks.
The obese person should first begin the mental commitment to change in life and eating habits. Any type of change requires that one accept the change and then adapt to the change. It does not help when there are other family members who are overweight. The gradual change in choosing the right types of foods becomes harder when those in the home continue to have poor eating habits. This can tempt the overweight person. Beginning the journey to weight loss can begin with a simple statement of, “today I am going to begin an new lifestyle”, or “Today, I will not eat 1 candy bar.” As the obese person gradually is able to meet the small challenges, they can increase their repertoire to greater challenges. Accomplishing the small steps are the most important at first. One may say that they will go up and down a flight of stairs twice. Once they actually do it they can increase their goals daily. The overweight person gains confidence when they meet their daily goals. This building of confidence will help them to achieve their ultimate goal of lifetime fitness.
Building confidence without snacks is the first goal that one should try to achieve before studying for the N.E.T. If one must have some type of oral fixation, then try broccoli or cauliflower with a diet ranch dip. Even low fat crackers are better than high calorie snacks.
Best wishes and good health while you study.

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Dance Your Way to Passing the N.E.T.

Written by kimmel52 on December 25, 2009 – 7:59 pm

Dance Your Way to Passing The N.E.T.
By Nancy Kimmel RN, PhD, CHMM, CNAT, CPI (ACA), NHA

Dance before you TEST for the N.E.T.

Dance before you TEST for the N.E.T.

Yes, you may think this rather funny. The reality is that dance is a great way to relieve stress. Therefore, if you relieve the stress, you have a better chance at passing the nursing entrance test.
One does not have to be a prima ballerina to enjoy the health benefits of dance. Dance comes in many styles, and most of us at one time or another danced to our own drum. Moving to music is a natural way of staying healthy, losing weight and keeping fit, and lowering your stress level.

One is never too old to begin dancing their way to fitness. The nice thing about dancing is that a person does not have to go by a structured routine. You can make up your own routine as you go along. Put on your favorite music and dance. It is a good idea to have your own space, just in case someone walks in and surprises you. Don’t be embarrassed. You are doing something that is fun and achieves a goal of good health. Dancing helps the cardiovascular system, circulation and balance.

The warm up; prior to your own routine you should do some warm up exercises. These exercises include leg stretches, arm stretches and back stretches. Begin by sitting on the floor, use a pillow for comfort, and spread your legs like the letter V. Now lean from side to side and keep it up until you feel the muscles in your legs begin to stretch. Next, lift your arm over your head as you stretch from side to side, trying to bring your arm all the way over and touch your knees. Keep this up for twenty minutes of so, until your leg muscles warm up. For back stretches, you can simply use your kitchen counter and hold on to the counter while you lean back. Don’t lean too far, only to the point that is comfortable for you. Once you are done stretching you are ready to dance. What do you do if you never learned to dance? Just make up your dance. As you listen to your favorite music try to keep the beat to the music. Listen to the rhythms, and move your body with the beats. At first you may feel awkward, but then you will begin to develop your own rhythm expression. It is lots of fun. As you continue this as a daily routine, you will soon see results. You will have more energy, feel more fit, and breathe better. Daily adherence to a dance routine will help you feel more confident and also build muscle strength.

Choose different types of music after you feel comfortable with body rhythm movements. It is very exciting to listen to different genres of music from various countries and cultures. You may even find yourself making your own unique dance routines. There are many places to go if you want to learn dance. There are classes for toddler to seniors. Have fun and live life a bit happier with DANCE!

Dance relieves stress

Dance relieves stress

Ballet is one of the hardest dances out there but it can give your body benefits especially in keeping it fit. Aside from being a wonderful form of art, more and more people are taking ballet classes because the training can help them achieve the body frame they want.
Unlike in other dances that involve free movements, ballet requires precise steps and specific movements. This mastery in precise movements can only be achieved when you undergo training with various ballet techniques. These techniques are composed of well-defined positions and flexible movements, which are standard in most ballet schools.
Not that you have to go to ballet school before sitting for the nursing entrance test. However, dancing is the best way to relieve stress and get limber for the three hours of testing that await those getting ready to pass either the N.E.T., the TEASE Test or the H.E.S.I..

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State Certification for CNA’s

Written by kimmel52 on December 25, 2009 – 4:57 pm

CNA State Certification

Congratulations to all of my students and those across the U.S. who have completed a nurse’s aide training program.  Now is the time to get ready to take your state exam.  Hopefully you have sent in your letters of course completion and have received your authorization to test.  It is very important for a nurse’s aide graduate to schedule their test date for state certification immediately after graduation.  This is due to the fact that the information that you have learned is still fresh in your mind as well as your clinical skills.  This is an exciting time.  Soon you will earn your nurse aide certification and your name will be placed with all the other nurse’s aides on the national registry.

Feeling nervous prior to a test is normal.  Actually, a certain amount of stress is good.  However, when the stress becomes overwhelming, the student’s exam and clinical performance can suffer.  To prevent this from occurring, the graduate nurse’s aide should practice their skills on friends and family while talking out loud and going through all of the steps.

Speaking your way through each of the skills helps to relieve anxiety.  It is just like performing on a stage.  You need to practice your lines and actions and most importantly, study, study, study.  Ask your instructors where to obtain practice tests.  The student will perform better on the exam when they practice their skills and knowledge.

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How to Successfully Pass the N.E.T., HESI and T.E.A.S. Test

Written by kimmel52 on December 23, 2009 – 11:39 am

Who We Are: Teachers, Nurses and College Professors dedicated to helping students make it into nursing school and graduate!

We write the software;   We write the tutorials;    We help you Pass The NET

WE ARE THE Authorities on publishing study guides for all nursing entrance tests! Most materials are immediately available to download directly to your computer.

You should care to have the best study tools
You should care to have the best study tools

Why should you care? YOU SHOULD, IF YOU WANT


Because all our study guides have a proven success rate of 95%

for the past 4 years, whether you need help in the math section,

reading comprehension or just want to review A & P, Chemistry,

Biology, and English Grammar.

What Action you should take? Get the ONLINE N.E.T. Test Practice at




If you have failed the NET, HESI or TEAS, and don’t want to take the chance

of failing again, or you want a tutorial that you know will give you results

such as a passing score higher than the national average, then you should purchase a tutorial.

What results will you see?

You want to be a nurse? Don't you?
You want to be a nurse? Don’t you?

You’ll  BE A NURSE!

If you study, then you will pass, and get into Nursing School.

If you have the desire to go into nursing, then you must first get ready to take the N.E.T., the HESI or the TEAS entrance test. You can begin preparing for your career by practicing your skills using the online tutorials and tests at The Nurses Learning Center. There are over 1000 questions and answers. You will get unlimited internet access, 24/7. It is yours to keep. New questions are added daily. It’s like sitting for the N.E.T., The HESI or the TEAS in your home.

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