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Nursing Entrance Test, Reading Comprehension Passage

Written by kimmel52 on December 9, 2009 – 8:12 pm

The following is an example of a reading comprehension passage that you would find on THE NURSING ENTRANCE TEST OR THE N.E.T.. The student who is sitting for the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST needs to remember that they must not bring any previous knowledge into answering the questions. The passage will be on a computer screen and the student must scroll through out the passage until finally arriving at the questions. Time yourself on the passage below.

Childhood behavioral disorders such as ADD and ADHD have been are on the rise. It is important for parents to realize that children are not fully developed with respect to their bone growth and metabolism as adults. Just as an expectant mother’s deficiency in folic acid can lead to defects in the newborns neural tube, so can metal ions and complex organic compounds cause damage to a child’s bones, liver, kidneys and neurotransmitters. Why should we as parents, educators and doctors treat the symptoms of the above mentioned disorders with more chemicals in the form of pills? It is interesting to look at what are some of the chemicals that go into foods that we consume regularly. Below is a list of some of the food additives taken from Casarett and Doull’s Toxicology, The Basic Science of Poisons, 4th Ed.,McGraw Hill copyright, 1991. Page 823. Read more »

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HESI Reading Comprehension Example Passage

Written by kimmel52 on December 9, 2009 – 6:47 pm

Whether you are getting ready to tes for the NURSING ENTRANCE EXAM, THE TEAS-ATT, OR THE HESI, most likely you will have to take a reading comprehension exam. Don’t let these reading comprehension exams fool you into thinking that you do not have to study. Actually, the most important one thing that you can do to ensure that you pass the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST is to study. But find the right material is still another problem. At the Nurses Learning Center students can find all of their testing needs in an online tutorials with over 1300 questions, answers, tests, and tutorials covering subjects such as Reading Comprehension, math, chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology and English Grammar. Below is a reading comprehension passage. The student is asked to read the passage within ten minutes and answer the questions that come afterward. The online tests at the Nurses Learning Center are written to help students pass the NURSING ENTRANCE EXAM the first time.
Childhood Obesity in Society Today
By Nancy Kimmel R.N., 01/09/2009

The media constantly bombards children with mixed messages on a daily basis. On one hand, children see advertisements that tell them to eat candy, sugary sweets, starchy and fattening foods and drinks, while on the other hand their entertainment peers are svelte and skinny. Children also face pressure from their peers at school, dictating styles, behavior, how to act, dress and what body size is considered acceptable. While parents are trying their best to earn a living many make amends for the time they don’t get to spend with their children by indulging their weakness for sweets, candy and starches. Hence the child is placed in a vicious cycle that they are unable to escape, and obesity ensues. Parents, teachers as well as the media need to take notice of this spiraling epidemic of childhood obesity. While research has made some progress in elucidating the so called “fat gene”, the hard truth is that we as a society must change first before we can make a difference in our children’s eating habits. Read more »

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Nursing Entrance Test Reading Comprehension Example

Written by kimmel52 on February 6, 2009 – 2:39 am

The following passage is an article regarding Attention Deficite Disorder and Attention Deficite Hyperactive Disorder. Try to read the passage in ten minutes and attempt to answer the questions afterward. Practing reading comprehension examples can be obtained at the Nurses Learning Center. Many students find that the reading comprehension section of the N.E.T. is the most challenging tests of them all. Perhaps the reason for this is due in part to the use of required knowledge of the nursing process and as it relates to critical thinking. Students who have previously taken anatomy and physiology should be familiar with the type of critical thinking needed to pass such tests. At the Nurses Learning Center, students have access to over 1300 questions, tests, tutorials and explained answers. Try your best while reading the passage not to go back over the text. Read it once and that’s it. The look at the questions that follow and try to recall exactly what the author was really trying to say.

Millions of children throughout the United States are being treated for ADHD. Is this a syndrome that has always been with us or is this a fairly new phenomenon over the past twenty or thirty years. The medication is usually readily prescribed by Physicians when approached by anxious parents concerned about their child’s behavior. To what extent do we know how the medications that are prescribed for ADHD affect our children? NEW YORK (Reuters) – Richard Scruggs, the lawyer who led the settlement between U.S. states and the tobacco industry in 1998, called the lawsuits against the makers of hyperactivity disorder drug Ritalin the country’s “next class-action battleground.’ Read more »

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