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Pass The N.E.T.™, Nursing Entrance Test Tutorials

Written by kimmel52 on January 8, 2015 – 9:48 am

The Study Guide that covers
ALL Nursing Entrance Tests with Emphasis on Math
and Reading Comprehension !

Pass The Nursing Entrance Test, The First Time

All the practice that you need to Pass the Nursing Entrance Test. Pass the NET, The First Time contains over 1000 questions on Biology, Math, Reading Comprehension, English Grammar, Anatomy and Physiology in a 450 pages Pdf easily downloaded directly to your computer. Accessible today, no waiting for shipping.

You can also get immediate, online access to FREE practice tests and answers to help you pass the N.E.T., the HESI and the TEAS at www.nurseslearningcenter.com

Downloadable Version

(Available in PDF format, can be immediately downloaded upon purchase by clicking on a secure link sent by email.)

Printed Version + the Kimmel Guide and NET Tutorial Software
Buy Now $57.44  

You will be able to get the 2 bonus downloads immediately and the printed book will be shipped to you priority mail. GET YOUR COPY TODAY!

“Helps prepare students better than the actual study guides for the HESI, The N.E.T. and The TEAS, much more comprehensive. This is the book we will carry!   (Jack, Bookstore Manager at WCCC)Read more testimonials from students that are using the book! 

95% Pass Rate! Proven results.

Written by Professor Nancy Kimmel RN, Leading Michigan Lecturer and tutor on helping students pass the NET for over 6 years.




Now in College Book Stores such as Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, MI and all 5 Wayne County Community College Campuses.

Pre-nursing students going for the RN or LPN/LDN degree now have a reliable tutorial Read more »

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Reading Comprehension on the Nursing Entrance Test, HESI, HESI A2 and the TEAS

Written by kimmel52 on February 20, 2010 – 10:39 am

Relax, there is a study guide to help you

Relax, there is a study guide to help you

The reading comprehension section on the NET, TEAS, HESI A2 and the TEAS test can very frustrating for those taking the test for the first time.  It is highly recommended that students prepare for each of these tests.  Finding the right preparatory materials is not that easy.  Using study guides such as GRE or even the actual study guides produced by the corporations that offer the tests are not sufficient.  The book entitled, Pass The NET ™ will indeed help the student pass the reading comprehension.  The book offers students insight into what the actual test is attempting to illicit in regards to  critical thinking skills.  It doesn’t matter if the student has a 4.0 grade point average coming into the test.  Many of these students do not pass on the first try.  This is not very encouraging, however, there is hope.  The tutorial study guide, Pass The NET™ give the student all the pertinent information needed to be able to meet the desired passing score and beyond.  Basically what the tutorial consists of  are complete reading passages developed to cover biology, nursing and psychology.  These passages are actually longer than the passages that the student will have to read on the exam.  The questions that follow challenge the student to deduce the main theme of the passage, the main topic, authors view point and many other minuscule subtle inferences that are necessary to comprehend.  The student will get inside information on exactly what the nursing schools are looking for in the overall reading comprehension scores.

You can pass the nursing entrance test the first time!

You can pass the nursing entrance test the first time!

These nursing entrance exams are attempting to determine whether or not the student has sufficient critical thinking, and analytical skills in reading comprehension.  It stands to reason that the school would need to know such information based on the difficulty of the rigorous nursing curriculum.  Students need to be prepared for the reading comprehension.  The book, Pass The NET ™ will help the student be prepared and confident, as well as pass the first time.

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“Pass The NET” Awarded U.S. Trademark

Written by kimmel52 on February 7, 2010 – 10:29 am

Dearborn Heights MI.
Author Nancy L. Kimmel RN, PhD, CHMM, CPI, CNAT has been officially awarded a trade mark on the name of her book entitled, PASS THE NET™. 

the ultimate guide to the HESI, HESI A2, TEAS and nursing entrance Test

the ultimate guide to the HESI, HESI A2, TEAS and nursing entrance Test

Professor Kimmel’s book is already in its fourth printing at Henry Ford Community College and on its third printing at Wayne County Community College.  Having a registered trade mark will now allow Professor Kimmel to reach out to the rest of the U.S. higher institutions of learning for book sales.  Very soon Professor Kimmels book, Pass The NET will be offered for sale on such reputable sites such as Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Noble.   This is a very exciting time for Professor Kimmel.  She has spent many years of tutoring and teaching students to pass the net, (nursing entrance test), HESI, HESI A2 and the TEAS to students in South Eastern MI.  She has received much praise and accolades from her students stating that her book has helped them to pass the Nursing Entrance Test, the HESI, the HESI A2 and the TEAS tests with higher than required scores.  One student who just recently sat for the TEAS test, stated that Professors Kimmel’s book helped her score into the Registered Nurse Program at ITT in Dearborn, MI.  Her scores were in the high 80’s.  The nursing program would only take those who scored the highest on the TEAS Test.  Now she will start her Registered Nursing Program in one month.

“Helping students gain entry into the nursing program is my goal.  I believe that there are many wonderful people who should be given the best opportunity possible to pass the various nursing entrance tests that are required throughout the U.S.  Students must be given complete and comprehensive study materials that represent the tests that they will take.  My book, Pass The NET, will not only challenge their intellect, but simulate their critical thinking skills and give them the necessary and pertinent information to help them pass the nursing entrance tests.”

Professor Kimmel’s trade mark is just one addition to her repertoire of degrees and awards.  Professor Kimmel was issued a Patent recently as well on a revolutionary air filter that can actually make a molecule of oxygen.  As Professor Kimmel continues to be an ardent educator and author, she states that her goals are far from complete, “I hope to  develop a website designed for nurses and those students desiring to become nurses that allow them to access many educational portals to assist them in their career goals.”

One of the biggest hurdles that students find in applying to nursing schools, is that now it is not enough to just pass the net.  Now they must score in a sufficiently high percentile to be able to gain entrance into nursing school.  With all of the other books that are on the market, Professor Kimmel’s, Pass The NET is certainly the best choice for students who are serious about pass nursing entrance tests with the highest scores possible.  Professor Kimmel also has a website dedicated to online testing that parallels the material in her book.  The website is www.nurseslearningcenter.com/testing
“Professor Kimmel, congratulations on your first U.S. Trademark on We will definitely be hearing again from you soon no doubt.”

PASS THE NET will help you get into nursing school

PASS THE NET will help you get into nursing school

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Pass The N.E.T. First!

Written by kimmel52 on December 14, 2009 – 9:41 pm

By Nancy Kimmel R.N. Ph.D. mpj0185026000011

O.k., so you want to become a nurse. Good choice. Did you know that National surveys of registered nurses, physicians, and hospital executives document considerable concern about the U.S. nurse shortage?(1) Will you have job security? Absolutely! Now all you need to do is to become a nurse. As the population continues to grow, so does the need for educated nursing professionals. With such a strong need for nurses many would think it would be easy to get a nursing education. The fact is it may be harder than many people think. Today the United States also has a shortage of nursing educators and this makes many nursing programs hard to get into often with long waiting lists.
Getting onto these waiting lists is all dependent on how well the student performs on the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST This is a three hour exam that tests the students knowledge from reading comprehension to anatomy and physiology. Student aspirations of having a career in nursing can come true if they know how to study intelligently for the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST. This test can become a stumbling block for students who do not adequately prepare for the N.E.T. Comprehensive study materials can be found online at the Nurses Learning Center
Students have online access twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, as long as they need the program. Having access to a comprehensive battery of tutorial test that will help raise students score on the N.E.T is a must is the student plans to get into nursing school on the first try. Not pass the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST is a great set back for everyone trying to get into nursing school, and one that most people can’t afford to take.
Nursing forum – career planning and education advice for nursing careers

Even with all these hurtles in place, a nursing career is still a great choice as long as you select the correct career path. As with any career you choose, you want to create a plan and time line so you can advance into a senior position in the future.While in fact the program of nursing is a grueling one, the rewards of helping others outweighs all other factors considered. The five steps are outlined below.
Step 1. Have a great desire to help others. Becoming a nurse means caring about others as you would care for yourself, your children, your parents and other loved ones. Love of mankind is definitely a prerequisite. This is the most important step. Read more »

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Nursing Entrance Test, Reading Comprehension Passage

Written by kimmel52 on December 9, 2009 – 8:12 pm

The following is an example of a reading comprehension passage that you would find on THE NURSING ENTRANCE TEST OR THE N.E.T.. The student who is sitting for the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST needs to remember that they must not bring any previous knowledge into answering the questions. The passage will be on a computer screen and the student must scroll through out the passage until finally arriving at the questions. Time yourself on the passage below.

Childhood behavioral disorders such as ADD and ADHD have been are on the rise. It is important for parents to realize that children are not fully developed with respect to their bone growth and metabolism as adults. Just as an expectant mother’s deficiency in folic acid can lead to defects in the newborns neural tube, so can metal ions and complex organic compounds cause damage to a child’s bones, liver, kidneys and neurotransmitters. Why should we as parents, educators and doctors treat the symptoms of the above mentioned disorders with more chemicals in the form of pills? It is interesting to look at what are some of the chemicals that go into foods that we consume regularly. Below is a list of some of the food additives taken from Casarett and Doull’s Toxicology, The Basic Science of Poisons, 4th Ed.,McGraw Hill copyright, 1991. Page 823. Read more »

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HESI Reading Comprehension Example Passage

Written by kimmel52 on December 9, 2009 – 6:47 pm

Whether you are getting ready to tes for the NURSING ENTRANCE EXAM, THE TEAS-ATT, OR THE HESI, most likely you will have to take a reading comprehension exam. Don’t let these reading comprehension exams fool you into thinking that you do not have to study. Actually, the most important one thing that you can do to ensure that you pass the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST is to study. But find the right material is still another problem. At the Nurses Learning Center students can find all of their testing needs in an online tutorials with over 1300 questions, answers, tests, and tutorials covering subjects such as Reading Comprehension, math, chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology and English Grammar. Below is a reading comprehension passage. The student is asked to read the passage within ten minutes and answer the questions that come afterward. The online tests at the Nurses Learning Center are written to help students pass the NURSING ENTRANCE EXAM the first time.
Childhood Obesity in Society Today
By Nancy Kimmel R.N., 01/09/2009

The media constantly bombards children with mixed messages on a daily basis. On one hand, children see advertisements that tell them to eat candy, sugary sweets, starchy and fattening foods and drinks, while on the other hand their entertainment peers are svelte and skinny. Children also face pressure from their peers at school, dictating styles, behavior, how to act, dress and what body size is considered acceptable. While parents are trying their best to earn a living many make amends for the time they don’t get to spend with their children by indulging their weakness for sweets, candy and starches. Hence the child is placed in a vicious cycle that they are unable to escape, and obesity ensues. Parents, teachers as well as the media need to take notice of this spiraling epidemic of childhood obesity. While research has made some progress in elucidating the so called “fat gene”, the hard truth is that we as a society must change first before we can make a difference in our children’s eating habits. Read more »

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Nursing Entrance Test and Nursing School

Written by kimmel52 on December 6, 2009 – 6:31 pm

  1. Being admitted to nursing school is indeed a great accomplishment. Before you can get into nursing school you must first pass the NURSING ENTRANCE EXAM OR THE N.E.T. More now, than ever, is the need to be prepared for the fast paced two years of lecture and clinical rotation that lies ahead. Keeping some simple reminders will ensure a successful journey through nursing school. The best reward is graduating as a registered nurse. Some of us nurses have brained stormed the following tips. So have fun with the A, B, C’s of nursing school and best wishes for a bright and rewarding career! The most important step in beginning your nursing career is to begin studying for the N.E.T.
    It is good to be a nurse!

    It is good to be a nurse!

    The A’s
    Always be on time to class and clinicals. (10 to 15 minutes early is the best time)
    Always have on clean scrubs and shoes. (your appearance is a reflection of who you are)
    Answer instructors politely even if you feel they are in the wrong. (They never are)
    Ask questions only when the instructor opens the floor to questions. (Don’t interrupt their lecture, you can see them after class)
    Absolutely no chatting during a lecture.
    Argue, if you want to fail.
    Allocate time for yourself. (Do something nice, just for you and you alone)
    Advise your loved ones of the importance of study time.
    Abstain from activities that drain your mind and body. (you need all the strength and rest possible)
    Acknowledge that fact that you are doing the best that you can. (Forgive yourself)

The B’s

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Believe that you can make it through nursing school.
  • Brave the hardest times. (There will be times that you will want to quit. Don’t ever, it will get better)
  • Bring chocolates on the day of a test.  (Eat a few before a test.  The brain uses 100% glucose, your score may increase.)
  • Buy your self a pair of comfortable nursing shoes. (You will be thankful that you did)
  • Book Bags are a no no, use the ones on rollers.  (Save your back)
  • Beauty is not important.  (Easy on the makeup)
  • Beware of busy bodies. (Always be professional in or out of class and clinical. Never gossip about schoolmates or instructors.  It will come back to you 10 fold. )
  • Balance your home and schoolwork.  (It is difficult to do at first, but it is a must.)
  • Belong to a study group. (One that gets A’s )

The C’s

  • Craming doesn’t get you A’s (take your time and study well in advance)
  • Care about all that you do, especially the patients
  • Caffine can be your best friend, but don’t over do it.
  • Clear your mind of all your worries prior to an exam(remember, this is your carrer, and sometimes you only get this one chance, so do your best)
  • Comfort is very important whether in school or in clinicals(always dress in loose fitting clothes, and wear comfortable supportive shoes) If your jeans are too tight, it is hard to breath and your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen.
  • Crack open the books daily. (it is the only way to keep up with the material)
  • Confine yourself to a designated study area where it is nice an quiet.  (keep one place in the house that is for you only.)
  • Contemplate what a wonderful nurse you are going to be when you graduate. (It is important to be able to visualize your future accomplishments.  Keep the dream alive.)
  • Cupid can wait until after your through with nursing school. (Beginning a new relationship isn’t the best thing for a nurse in training.  Be strong, it really isn’t that long.  You have your whole life ahead of you.)
  • Call a friend or family member when you are feeling down. (It is important early in the game to establish your support base.  You will  need them.)

All of the above criteria to be successful as a nursing school student also applies to studying for the N.E.T. You can begin today, and increase your chances of getting into nursing school fast by getting the right study materials for the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST at the Nurses Learning Center.
Remember the ABC’s of Nursing School and be a success.


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Pass The N.E.T. and Become a Nurse!

Written by kimmel52 on November 26, 2009 – 7:28 pm

How does one go about to becoming  a Nurse?
There are several ways to become as a Registered Nurse: First and foremost you must pass the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST, THE N.E.T., THE HESI OR THE TEAS-ATT. After which the student will gain entry into the nursing program to earn an associate degree, bachelors degree or diploma as a registered nurse.  There are not as many diploma programs around as there once was.  Twenty to thirty years ago, it was commonplace for an student of nursing to live and work at a hospital.  It was at the hospital that the nurse was trained.  There the student learned hands on the true duties of a nurse.  There was book learning as well, but not as much as there is today.  There are diploma programs available for Licensed Practical Nurses.  There is one in Toledo, Ohio.  It has a waiting list about as long as registered nursing programs. Read more »

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Pass The Nursing Entrance Test, and be an Acute Care Nurse

Written by kimmel52 on June 7, 2009 – 12:07 pm

Being a nurse is a wonderful career. You are a helper and a caregiver. Your first step before embarking on this wonderful career is to first pass THE NURSING ENTRANCE TEST. This is the test of all tests that decide whether or not you will get into nursing school. This means that even though you may hold a 4.0 GPA, if you don’t pass THE NURSING ENTRANCE TEST, then you won’t get into nursing school and become the acute care nurse that you want to be.
There are several steps that you must go through before you can pass THE NURSING ENTRANCE TEST. The first step is to ascertain which NURSING ENTRANCE TEST is being offered at the nursing school which you are planning to attend. The tests that are usually offered include one of the following, either the N.E.T., THE HESI, or the TEAS-ATT. It is not enough that you pass these tests, but you must pass with a sufficiently high enough score to be able to gain entrance into nursing school by being placed on the waiting list. The one thing that is so hard for students today, is to think that they will have to wait up to 5 years to gain entry into the nursing program. If it means that you have to have a high score, then begin studying today at the nurses learning center All of the information that you will need to pass the NURSING ENTRANCE TESTS is contained in this online testing site. Here the student can feel confident that when they read about becoming an acute care nurse, that their dreams have a solid foundation of coming to reality.
The author of this online software program is the author of The NET Study Guide in Michigan, is an Registered Nurse and has her own school.

Acute care nurses provide care for patients suffering from acute conditions including heart attacks, respiratory distress syndrome, or shock. These types of patients must be monitored very closely with vital signs checked every fifteen to thirty minutes. This is why nurses in critical or acute care only have two to three patients at the most. Patients in acute care are centrally located near the nurses station so that at a moments notice all staff can assist in an emergency situation. Normally there is always a physician present. The physician is able to write orders as the condition of the patient changes from moment to moment, thereby saving precious time from nurses having to call or page a doctor. Acute care nursing is not for every nurse. The job entails quick decision making, and a thorough knowledge of physiology and experienced nursing skills. There is also a very high stress level emotionally. Dealing with the grief of family members can become very draining to nurses as well as doctors. While the majority of patients are able to leave acute care and go to medical surgical floors or step down units, however, there are those that do not survive. It is the acute care nurse who is usually the first person that the family sees when they arrive. The acute care nurses are special people, and many say that they love what they do. They also care for pre- and post- operative patients, and may perform advanced, invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. They may serve as administrators, case managers, patient and staff educators, policy makers, and researchers in this field. Acute care nurses can administer in emergency rooms, operating rooms, walk in clinics, doctor’s offices, critical care units or in community based environments.

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Nursing Entrance Test, After you Pass

Written by kimmel52 on June 7, 2009 – 1:56 am

Pass the nursing entrance test

Pass the nursing entrance test

So you are planning on taking the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST.
Good choice! Taking the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST is not the easiest test to take. While the topics utilize the students critical thinking skills, there is much more that the student must know. Perhaps you are one of those students that are planning a career in nursing which involves nursing hospital administration. You would not be alone. However, your first hurtle is to pass THE NURSING ENTRANCE TEST. The author of the N.E.T. Study Guide, Nancy Kimmel, CEO of “The NET Study Guide LLC, a MI based corporation, also has her own school in Garden City, MI. Professor Kimmel has dedicated many years to tutoring students to pass the N.E.T. and owns copyright on the materials. Upon passing the N.E.T., the student is placed on the waiting list for nursing school. Therefore, PASSING THE NET with high scores is the only option. Before the student gain get an advanced degree in any field of nursing, passing the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST comes first.
More and more, nurses are choosing advanced degrees in nursing hospital management. There is continuing growing need for the expertise of not just business management graduates, but for nurses with degrees in hospital management. Hospitals are faced with continuous rigorous rules and regulations to which they must comply. The magnet status is a coveted status for hospitals, and is very difficult to achieve. Therefore, hospitals prefer that nurses play an integral role in comprising the team of experts that oversee the every day management of hospital protocol. Nurse managers are also responsible for the personnel, resources and patient care on a nursing unit. They manage staff, including nursing assistants, RNs and LPNs, and oversee daily activities within their department to facilitate and deliver quality nursing care. Nurse managers handle staff-related functions, including hiring and firing, scheduling, mentoring and communicating organizational news to the staff. Nurse managers establish and control the department budget and support the implementation of standards of nursing practice and guidelines of care. Nurses with management experience on a hospital unit are the most likely choice to be promoted to macro-management at the administrative level of the hospital hierarchy over an individual with a degree in business management. There are many schools that are offering degrees in nursing hospital management that can be achieved completely online.
In addition to completing a online degree in nursing, the student can get a head start prior to nursing school by studying online for the N.E.T, HESI, or the TEAS-ATT, NURSING ENTRANCE TESTS. This is the best practice to begin a nursing career. Online testing is going to be a large part of the students mode of studying.

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