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learn to become a CNAFor those who want to become a certified nures assistant there are many programs to choose from.  For those who live in Southeastern Michigan, a program is beginning on the 25th of September.  It is a six week program that has morning and afternoon classes.  The morning classes begin at 8:00 AM and run until 2:30 PM.  The afternoon class begins at 3:00 PM and runs until 9:30 PM.  Classes start on Friday, and meet every Friday and Saturday for six weeks.  By the third week students will begin clinical rotation two days throughout the week.  Clinical days are on Monday and Wednesday afternoon, and also on Tuesday.  Students will have over 48 hours of clinical experience upon graduation.  Job placement is available upon completion of the program.  The CNA program uses the Michigan model study guide.  Students are placed in hospital jobs prior to certification.  The CNA, certified nurses assistant program is a rewarding career that many people choose to further their experience in the health care field.  By placing the nurses aides in the hospitals prior to certification they can get reimbursed by the company up to $750 toward their school tuition.  It is also usual that the health care facility where they are hired will pay for their certification.  Nurses aides must complete their certification within four months after being hired.   The coures is rigorous and fast paced, but the rewards of immediate job placement and helping those that are ill are far reaching and rewarding.  Students are required to wear light blue scrubs, white tennis shoes and to bring to class a blood pressure cuff (manual), stethoscope and a box of latex or non-latex gloves.  Students should also bring paper, pencil, pens and a notebook.  Some of the tasks that nurses aides perform are as follows; bathing and dressing patients, taking blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration, tube feedings, dressing changes, cleaning decubitus ulcers, feeding patients, range of motion, understanding therapeutic communication, patients rights, (HIPPA), infection control principals, making a bed, correct disposal of linens, emptying foley bags, colostomy bags, putting on anti-embolism stockings, transferring patients from chair to bed and vice versa.  Students will learn about patient rights and how to recognize abuse and neglect.  A person that wants to be a nurses aide should be able to be on their feet for a full eight hour shift, and be able to lift up to 50 pounds.  Many nurses aides go on to become nurses.  Nurses aides assist the nurse and the patient.  They are a very valuable employee and are in demand.  Pay rate for nurse aides vary from $10.00 to0 $14.00 per hour.  These rates go up if overtime and holiday pay.  There are many full time job openings for nurses aides in the Metro Detroit Area.  Full time jobs come with health care benefits and vacation time.  Nurses aides who graduate from an approved Michigan Certified Nursing Assistant Program are in high demand.  They can also work for home care agencies and make up to $20.00 per patient visit.  For more information on the Nurses Aide Program included in this article call (313)575-1214 or pick up a course syllabus and catalog at Phlebotomy Career Training School, located at 28050 Ford Road, Suite C, Garden City Michigan, 48135.

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