Learn how to solve medication calculations correctly every time.

Medication calculations, hate them, right? 
You probably wouldn’t think that you would have to know how to do medication calculations on the NURSING ENTRANCE TEST.  You don’t have to fear medication calculations.  There are indeed problems on the N.E.T. that are medication calculations. The only thing different from regular math problems and a medication calculation is what type of formula to use. At the Nurses Learning Center the student can study online computerized tests and track their scores. They even get feed back on their answers and can see the entire equations solved right before their eyes. Learning math will not seem as difficult when practice problems are presented in an integrated learning environment such as the NET Tutorial provides. It seems as if there are no two teachers that explain the math the same way.  Don’t forget the stress associated with the tests.  You only get two to three chances and you are out of the program if you don’t pass.  Below you will find some sample medication calculation questions solved using dimensional analysis. If you can get a handle on using this technique you will sail through the hardest test.   Take a look at some of the examples below the product plug and Good Luck. 4. The order reads for digoxin 0.5mg po. Available to the nurse is digoxin 0.25 mg/tablet. The nurse would
administer how many tablets?
5. The order is for Bactrim 0.5G po. Available to the nurse is Bactrim 250mg/tablet. The nurse would
administer how many tablets?
6. The physician orders propanolol (Inderal) 80 mg po daily. Available to the nurse is Inderal 20 mg/tablet.
The nurse would administer how many tablets?
7. The physician orders alprazolom (Xanax) 0.25 mg. Available to the nurse is alprazolom 0.5 mg/tablet. The
nurse would administer how many tablets?
8. The order is for risperidone (Risperdal) 1 mg po daily. Available to the nurse is risperidone 0.5 mg/ tablet.
The nurse would administer how many tablets?

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Medication Calculation

1. The doctor’s order reads, give Tylenol® grains X every 4 hours prn for pain. This amount is equal to which of the following?

A. 365mg

B. Two tablets at 325mg each.

C. One tablet of 500mg.

2. The order reads: give 75mg of Metropolol Tartrate (Lopressor®). On hand you have 50mg tablets that are scored. How many tablets will you give the client?

A. 1 ½ tablet

B. 2 tablets

C. You can only give 1 tablet of the 50mg. Call pharmacy and ask them to fill the prescription for 75mg tablets.

Basic Formula: Frequently used to calculate drug dosages.
D (Desired dose)
H (Dose on hand)
Q (Quantity -tablet or liquid)
Find the value of x:

1. 1 : 3 :: 8 : x

2. x : 50 :: 10 : 500

3. 5 : x :: 2 : 30
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